Pilots Reveal 16 Nuances That Make Your Flight Safe

Pilots reveal 16 nuances that will help you become an expert in air travel. Each profession has its own tricks of the trade that aren’t usually shared with anyone outside the professional circle Aviation has always been a fascinating and mysterious line of work And this makes it even more interesting to learn about all the secrets and nuances that we, Aviation Outsiders have no idea about in In this video you’ll get some pretty unexpected and useful insider knowledge directly from different airline crew members we would like to share them with you before you set forth on your next trip. If you’ve never heard of that least one of These facts, hit the like button Number 16 pilots are prohibited from having a beard some airlines forbid their pilots from having beards the reasoning behind this is that a beard can prevent an oxygen mask from securing to the Face tightly in the event of an emergency situation, that’s right pilots have to put on oxygen masks just like passengers do. Don’t worry if you’re dreaming of becoming a pilot. but aren’t ready to say goodbye to your beloved facial hair just choose the right airline some of them have no problem with it as Long as the oxygen mask still works properly Number 15 it’s cold on planes for the sake of your health according to research conducted by the American Society for testing and materials there’s a close correlation between the temperature and air pressure on an airplane and fainting caused by hypoxia. A condition in which tissues of the body don’t get enough oxygen You can imagine how dangerous that is if the air in the cabin is too warm it can trigger this problem. So that’s why the air temperature is kept cool Dress warmly for your flights and try not to complain about being cold. It’s that way for your own good Number 14 planes never fly in straight lines here are some shocking facts a Boeing 747 burns more than 11 tons of fuel for each hour of flight And if it’s ascending that number is even bigger so you might assume that the shorter the distance the better but on some long flights Passengers can see a map displaying the flight Trajectory in real time if you’ve ever watched your flight path have you ever noticed that the aircraft doesn’t fly in a straight line But rather a curved one sometimes it even zigzags by curved lines That’s because the earth is round, but the map on the screen is flat, but what’s the zigzagging all about? That’s due to special flight Regulations requiring pilots to stick to certain routes in order to have enough time to reach an airport in case of an emergency landing Weather conditions affect the trajectory as well Number 13 it’s better to wear sturdy shoes on a flight take it from Experienced flight crews from around the world they beg you to leave your backless sandals and high heels at home and go for sturdier shoes There are really serious safety reasons for this request The thing is that both these types of footwear make it too difficult to vacate the aircraft quickly if you wear high heels you’ll have To leave them behind anyway in case emergency slides are used during an evacuation Heels can puncture the slide so off they go just ask yourself You really want to run from the plane barefoot? And are you ready to part with your cute heels forever? Opt for secure shoes with a solid sole so that you won’t find yourself standing in your flip-flops on the hot tarmac Or in the weeds without any shoes at all Number 12 pilots and dispatchers aren’t always formal with each other There’s a tradition that dispatchers congratulate pilots on all holidays Just imagine around Christmas time a pilot can have up to four flights a day Which means about 2,000 people wishing them a Merry Christmas when the German football team became the world champions all Dispatchers of the world were congratulating our crew says on Jay Shapira a pilot with Lufthansa Number eleven the average person will never manage to land a plane. Action movies often show as heroic scenes where the main character some average Joe But nonetheless brave and savvy rushes into the cockpit and triumphantly lands an unmanned plane wait Where are the pilots the villain got rid of them of course. Unfortunately, this Hollywood fantasy is pretty much impossible in real life Even if someone is a genius hooked on realistic flight simulators were ready and willing to follow all the instructions from ground control He still likely to fail due to one simple thing. Stress! it’s true that there have been cases in the past where amateurs landed small private planes after the incapacitation of a pilot however there has never been a case of an unprofessional landing a jumbo-sized commercial airplane Number 10 flight delays affect not only passengers, but flight attendants as well Flight attendants are paid only for in flight hours Time spent on the ground doesn’t count the only thing that airlines offer is a small allowance for every hour spent at the airport So next time try not to go off on a stewardess when your plane is still on the ground for some reason She’s in the same boat as you are Number 9 pilots have to take turns going to the bathroom when one pilot needs to use the restroom a flight attendant Must join the other pilot in the cockpit and wait until the first one returns from the his bathroom break This is done to avoid any issues like being locked out of the cockpit if the second pilot suddenly passes out By the way while some aircrafts have a bathroom Dedicated only to the crew Others fill this space with rows of extra seats in this case the pilot has to wait in a line with passengers if he has to go this often provokes a lot of panicked reactions like who’s flying the plane and Only if the pilot is lucky enough he’s allowed to jump the line Number eight airplane food is bad and nobody’s to blame for it tasteless airplane food is nobody’s fault But science and high altitudes our taste buds and sense of smell can play tricks on us Not to mention low humidity noise levels in the cabin and low air pressure Also play a big role in this for example the air in the cabin is about 15 percent drier than on the ground That explains the uncomfortable feeling of dehydration and a super dry nose, and mouth. This definitely takes a toll on your taste perception Consider this fact as well before you complain about the quality of the wine on an airplane it’s absolutely the same as the wine you enjoy on the ground it’s simply the Environmental conditions on board and their effect on your body that make it taste so bad Number seven comfortable clothes help you stay healthy when on a plane go for comfortable clothes with breathable fabrics It’ll help you tremendously when you’re trying to fall asleep Also, remember that it’s better to wear loose-fitting clothes to prevent the development of deep vein thrombosis Formal or tight clothing will heighten your risk of developing a blood clot Try to avoid caffeine even during the day to help you fall asleep at night. Don’t forget your earplugs and a sleeping mask Number six pilots communicate with flight attendants through a bulletproof door did you know that the door to the cockpit is bulletproof? It’s true It’s designed to stop bullets and even small grenades the door Also has a keypad for a special access code known only by the flight crew it can open the cockpit door if the pilot inside Doesn’t react within 120 seconds after the code has been entered This is crucial for emergency situations in which flight crew need to get to the pilot in the cockpit ASAP not to mention the beefed up security is obviously necessary to prevent Hijackings by keeping the good guys in the cockpit and the bad guys out in day-to-day situations flight attendants cross-check pilots over the phone They’re required to do it every 40 minutes during the day and every twenty minutes at night to make sure the pilot isn’t feeling light-headed or unwell Number five the smoothest place to sit is over or near the wing Imagine a flying plane like a seesaw as it dips and turns in the air Parts of the plane sway more than others the rockiest seats are in the back so if you want to have a calm and quiet Flight without too much swinging two seats in the middle near the wings Some other interesting differences within the cabin the freshest air is near the front of the plane and the warmest temperature in the back Now you can choose your seats according to your priorities Number four there’s a secret signal for the airport if the plane has been hijacked Fortunately it doesn’t happen often But when it does pilots give a special signal to the airport when they’re landing they leave the plane’s wing flaps up It’s one of the ways to show that there’s something bad happening on the plane Number three a hard landing is sometimes done on purpose when you experience a hard landing in bad weather It doesn’t mean that the pilot is a newbie or lacks the know-how in fact sometimes They do it intentionally If the runway is covered in water the airplane has to touch down hard in order to break through the layer of water and prevent hydroplane otherwise the water acts like a lubricant Lowering friction between the airplanes landing gear and the runway this can cause the plane to skid Uncontrollably if you’ve ever driven too fast on wet roads you understand completely what we’re talking about here Number two cabin lights are dimmed during a nighttime landing for a reason Dimming the cabin lights helps passengers eyes adjust for the bright light of the cabin to the dim nighttime light on the ground During an emergency. It’s prohibited to turn the lights on so that passengers will already be accustomed to dim lighting just in case Everything to keep you safe and make your life more comfortable another advantage of doing. This is to conserve energy number one there’s only 15 minutes worth of oxygen in the masks There’s only enough oxygen in the masks for just a quarter of an hour, but you shouldn’t panic This is plenty of time for the pilot to take the plane to a lower altitude where you can breathe normally Which fact has been the most astonishing for you? Do you know any other secrets from the world of aviation? Write to us in the comments and remember to give us a like share This video with the jet-setters in your life since it could be useful for them and not to miss anything interesting Subscribe to our Channel, and join us on the bright side of life. Have a lovely day!


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  • Interesting fact: In most commercial and large contract planes the oxygen fed to passenger masks has only enough psi to keep passengers alive, not fully conscious. This is to reduce the amount of panicked passengers. Also, a person that is relaxed because of less oxygen is more likely to suffer less injuries from an impact then someone who is all tensed up.

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  • The curved paths are generally not used for ETOPS compliance. They are used because they are a straight line on a globe, but not on a typical map.

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  • Number 16. Was just done by air canada as an excuse so pilots can wear beards because they thought it looks โ€œunprofessionalโ€ the excuse that the beard will let air out is not true, as fighter pilots have beards and they donโ€™t suffer from not being able to read, as there cockpits arenโ€™t pressurized, so they wear mask at all times

    And number 4, flaps are deployed to slow down the aircraft and also to create lift during takeoff, pilots donโ€™t leave there flaps up they will update there squawk code to 7500 or 7700, these usually means a hikacking or something bad is happening

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    And fact no.3 on my first plane ride my aunt was sitting next to me and I was far from my dad (so he couldnโ€™t tell me that there will be hard landing)

    And a few seconds before landing she held my hand and I was like whaโ€”

    BOOM (hard landing)

    I almost flew off my seat thank god there are seat belts

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  • Best things about having a pilot dad

    Itโ€™s goes from good to best

    1-he explains for us every thing we need to know about planes

    2-He can tell us the route without a gps

    3-He can help us deal with turbulence

    4-He tells us what to do when we are on the plane (when the plan goes up in the air my breathing tightness and my air drums feels like they are going to burst

    5-cabin crew members know him very well even pilots know my dad and flight attendants give us more priority

    6-He can get us business class seats for FREE (it happened once when the pilot was my dadโ€™s friend)

    7-He tells us flight stories

    8-He tells us how he lands the plan and stuff

    9-He is an amazing seat partner (me and my siblings often fight on who decides to sit next to dad on the flight..poor mom)

  • Here's an interesting one, if I pilot is suffering from depression or is suicidal, (witch can happen quite commonly as they spend long periods of time away from their families) thay loose their job as they could put passengers lives at risk.

  • No# 13 is what got KAL flight 007 shot down, now it is an approved route
    No# 11 the 9/11 pilots succeeded in landing their planes.
    No# 9 and 6 you thank the pilots from Silk Air and air Berlin as well the 9/11 clowns
    No# 4: 7777
    No# 3 So what is the deal when a hard landing is done when it is dry or the high angle take off? It is Navy pilots trying to out fly air force….

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  • I'm not sure you're completely right about # 14. The curved routes are known a great circle routes. The shortest distance between two points on a sphere is a route that forms part of a circle which if extended would bisect the globe.

  • 0:55 there has been test conducted by Air Canada that proves beards do not cause leaks to the oxygen masks. Airlines prohibited this because it looks unprofessional and it made passengers uncomfortable.

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  • Basic tips Fasten your ssatbelts when landing or taking off, wear the masks first before helping others DO NOT Take your luggage if you crash

  • So it's recommended that you don't wear high heels, yet in some airlines, female flight attendants are unfairly required to wear them? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ

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