Performance enhancing orthopedic running shoes give athletes increased performance.

(lighthearted, upbeat music) (phone ringing) – [Jack] Hi this is Jack Jensen
the founder of Jensen Shoes. The other day we had a
new client that came in and expressed exciting
news, so I wanted to share with others and Mrs.
Jessica, thank you so much. – [Jessica] It’s my honor. – [Jack] How did you find out
that we can help your issues with running and walking in every day? – [Jessica] I’ve been running
since I was 13 and now I’m 36. While I was running six
miles a day and my husband seen me have back pain and
foot pain for several years actually because of the toll
that it takes on my body to run longer distances. And he loves the inserts
that go in the shoes and the shoes that you all provided. He had such a great experience he told me to go see Jensen Shoes about a year ago. And I was hesitant because, you know, I just believed that I just have to trade out my shoes every six months. So I went, and I got my
foot fitted with the insert and at first, when I put my foot in it, I just felt instant relief. And when I started running the
long distances, it was easier to run because it just seemed effortless. To be totally and completely
honest, I was hesitant and then I found out
okay, this really is true. This really does work. I wanted to write a letter
to you all and let you know how appreciative I am. It relieved my foot pain and back pain. – [Jack] Has it increased
your speed, your distance, and things of that nature? – [Jessica] It definitely
increased my distance, without pain. At about mile four, my knees
would hurt a little bit and my feet especially
would hurt, but ever since I’ve been wearing these
shoes with the inserts, I have been able to go for six miles and not even feel pain in my feet. And I’m just wondering what’s going on? And it’s just amazing how
something so not a big deal, ended up being such a big deal. – [Jack] The thing that’s
really sort of interesting, Jessica, is you have to
understand, for this to work, we have to do our job correctly. And for that to happen,
we have to have somebody that’s compliant, that
will let us do the things that we need to do because control support is what’s taking the stress off. I mean, you said something
about your hips and back and knees, all those
things have changed now, is that correct? – [Jessica] When I wear those
shoes, every time I run, here everything’s easier
and my knee pain goes away. I mean, I have a little bit of arthritis, so I do have to work on my diet with that, if I just do that, it’s
amazing the results I get. It’s amazing, it’s really pain free. – [Jack] Well Jessica, that is so good, I just can’t tell you how
much I appreciate your honesty and integrity and thank you for your time, look forward to keeping you young, lady. – [Jessica] Yes sir, so
I’ll just keep running and stay youthful. (both chuckling) – [Jack] Jessica thank
you so much for sharing the information so other people
can learn your experience. – [Jessica] Thank you. – Hi, I’m Jack Jensen. Come experience the
difference at Jensen Shoes.

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