People Try Driving Stick Shift For The First Time

(upbeat music) – My name’s Felicia, and I’m gonna learn how to drive stick shift in a manual car. – I think that it’s gonna be difficult to drive stick in Manhattan
for the first time. Driving automatic in
Manhattan is pretty stressful. – I feel like it’s gonna be okay. I learn quickly and can adapt
to high pressure environments. – My name is Kris, I’m a
professional driving instructor. Today I’m gonna be teaching
Felicia and Benjamin how to drive stick shift in New York City. Okay, so, getting this
to move is the hard part. You have three pedals there. First one to the left is a
clutch, that’s kinda small. And then the two pedals
which are still the same in an automatic, you got
your break and your gas. One of the things you
need to understand is when to use your clutch; starting, stopping and shifting. Let’s disengage this. Uh, pull up and then try to push it down. It’s a little tough. Yeah pull it up, and
then squeeze the button. Yeah there you go. – Should I–
– Yeah just keep that held. – Should I squeeze at the same time? – Yeah, pull up and then squeeze. So, we’re gonna try to go. Control it, if you wanna
go a little bit more. Yep yep yep yep yep, good. – Is everyone ready?
– Full of traffic. Actually I’m gonna turn
on the hazards here. Alright, so, is your foot on the break? – Yes. – Let go of it. There we are, okay. – Woo (laughs loudly) – When you feel it vibrating that means you’re almost stalling. Too quick, too quick, too quick. – Ow, sorry. Oh, the guy behind me is mad.
(horn beeping) – Relax. – Ow, sorry. – Okay, try again. – Can I let go of the break now? – Yeah, you have to let go of the break. – Oh, oh okay. – Steady, oh too quick,
too quick, too quick. Wanna feel it roll first, work from there. You gotta hold it still for a second. Easy. – Okay. Oops. – Was your foot still
on the break on that? – I think so.
– Yeah – Okay.
– No break, no break. No need for the break right now. Steady, steady. Steady with the left foot. Uh, too quick. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yes! – Oh, that’s great! And now can I release? – Yeah, you can, you’re off
to the races now, go ahead. – Yes, okay. That guy’s gotta calm down. Oh (bleep), there’s a biker. – A little too close on the
right, close on the right. – Okay sorry, sorry. Alright okay. (laughs) I don’t drive that much
in the city overall so it’s hard to remember sometimes. – A little bit more gas, there you go. Okay, there you go, we’re off. – I’m gettin’ it. – Alright. Go ahead, keep goin’. – Alright, yeah. It’s like jazz now, you
got all these pieces happening at the same time. – You listen to jazz music? – Uh no, but I assume it’s like this. – Listen to my instructions. Clutch down. Clutch uh no, that’s the shift there. The left foot. – Oh, sorry! – Okay, I’m gonna fix it, hold on. – Don’t do anything.
– Wait- – Just keep your foot there. – Foot on the clutch?
– Foot on the clutch, yep. – Clutch is the pedal right? – What do you think so far? – Still feel like I’m not doing it right. (both laugh) – Steady that, steady that. – Beautiful. – There we go.
– Gorgeous! – Alright. – I’m really great at this. – I’m sweating (laughs) – I think I did a great job. – I do wanna take more lessons. I still wanna be able to drive
a car in another country. Be able to drive a sports car. – I feel like I accomplished a lot. Kris, the instructor, was very
articulate and descriptive. I think I did well! – Thank you so much, I’m a pro now.


  • As an American all I'm going to say is I am ashamed from these people and glad that I can drive stick

  • Learning how to drive stick shift in the middle of NYC was a bird brained idea. People are already stressed out in their commute to work and late, now you have people who don’t know how to drive a manual car in a straight line holding up traffic ?

    also her: stalls the car 4 times in a row

  • Ffs its called manual transmission

  • Title should be People try driving a car for the first time

  • I’m getting it! 🙂


  • I'm 13 pretty sure I can drive better than them

  • I drive stick and would never drive ANY car in NYC.

  • As a European, this higly triggered me. This is unaccepteble. But for real though, DON'T SHIFT IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE CLUTCH ALL THE WAY IN

  • In India we breathe Manual. XD

  • Mia Khalifa learns stick-shift

  • omg. I'm 13 and I can drive stick shift. after 100 times stalling I got the hang of it

  • Why didn’t they go to a parking lot

  • Reddit: How to Drive

  • Laughs in stick shift

  • People Try driving stick shift? More like people try to DRIVE!!!!

  • I've been driving a stick so long, it's, well, automatic!

  • This is just sad, they acting like this is from another planet

  • HEj

  • That girl was cute

  • That feeling when you stall in 1st on a hill with a car behind you

  • In europe the majority of people drive manuals

  • I can barely drive automatic. This would be a death trap for me lmao. It just looks so complicated and stressful. My mom knows how to drive stick though, maybe she’ll teach me

  • that girl actually pissed me off no lie

  • now I need to find a manual to practice on…

  • Why do I have a feeling most of those honks where edited in

  • Why would you do this in New York of all places?

  • I'm getting ready to teach my boyfriend how to drive stick.
    Wish me Luck ?

  • A N G R Y E U R O P E A N N O I S E S

  • Asian and European drivers: grab my beer

  • I can’t believe they had you guys drive stick in Manhattan… lmfao in rural farmlands I tried driving stick for the first time and couldn’t do it…, I couldn’t imagine driving in Manhattan trying to do it… it’s hard enough to drive in NYC.

  • Felicias on crack.

  • Pinoy pride?

  • nearly ever other country laughs to death

  • For God's sake…these people are in reality learning to drive a car for the first time! Manual transmission (or "Stick Shift", as it's referred to in the USA) is the way that most people in the world learn from the outset. It's fine to drive automatic (as I do sometimes, and it's great in traffic), but if you've only ever driven auto, then my advice is get in a manual car! It's not rocket science!!!

  • Ma Porcoddio

  • You do realize they are first starting to learn. You feel happy when the car is moving because it feels great learning as you go.

  • “I’m learning how to drive stick shift in a manual car”

  • " clutch is the pedal right?
    5% of modern millenials:

  • Shes cute af

  • How to drive stick shift in NYC
    Step 1- Dont

  • Girl: "Is the clutch the pedal?"

    Instructor: sighs and turns on hazard lights

  • You know how I learned with a manual gearbox?
    Teacher:: "Put it in first gear then go"
    Diving over 10 years now, never had any accident.

  • That girl is reddit and so is this channel

  • If you live in America, most cannot drive stick. So don't plan on getting wasted and then having a friend drive you home.

  • This hurts me so much…..

  • Is this america?? You really need to learn how to drive…

  • i didn't even need my instructor to tell me I learnt from vids

  • Glad i can drive manual cars.

  • Hi my name is Felicia and I am going to learn to drive “sTiCk ShIfT iN A mANuaL cAr”

  • The instructor is awful, leaving out important information. Duh…..

  • 2:43 "clutch is the pedal, right?"

  • Good thing my dad is European

  • Bye "felicia"

  • Buzzfeed men trying to drive manual is like a child trying to pilot a space shuttle

  • 2:22
    ??I'm gettin' it. ?

  • i only stalled once, and i learned on a diesel. gasolines are nothing compared to diesel.

  • well, thats a shame

  • Here in Spain is kinda dificult to see an automatic??

  • Why wouldnt they start in a parking lot? I started driving stick in an old dodge pickup in a field when I was like 10 lmao my daily driver to this day is a stick shift

  • Why not in a parking lot

  • Laughs in Europe

  • I got to say that the "students" are stereotypical snowflakes that can't do anything outside of social media, I'm 21 yo I am not a boomer that hates young people, but those two are definitely snowflakes. But to be fair, the instructor sucks.

  • That pedal is not called a clutch, its called a man pedal.

  • It’s painful to watch but I can’t talk, no ones great at the start.

  • It's not complicated. Clutch in, throttle out then vice versa.

  • In Europe most of us drive manual

  • look at these millennials who likely voted hillary who cant perform a simple task

  • Bruh have these people ever even driven a car wtf? I can't believe these guys are allowed on the road

  • I live in America and I’m triggered(I know how to shifty the stick E)

  • 1:15 was me when I was 14 and I first drove a manual …..for every driver please try a manual…..then u will get my point.

  • Why would you teach someone to drive stick in Manhattan in the rain? I could teach them in an empty suburban parking lot in an hour.

  • I am 13 and I know how to drive a stick

  • Just need practice

  • Bruhh I'm 12 I'm literally driving a stickkk shift wtfff it triggers mee?

  • My grandpa who served in Vietnam and drives stick in 2019:

    laughs in old man

  • Bye Felicia

  • First never teach in the city. Why didn’t u take them to a quiet road Like a country side. I learn in the country thank god.

  • In many other countries, you can't even get your driver's license if you don't take your test on a manual

  • as an american i can say all the times someone asks to borrow my car or drive i just give them my keys and wait for the phone call asking how to drive

  • 0:08 oh really? You're gonna learn how to drive stick shift in a manual car? Who knew…

  • i really don't understand the difference between stick shift and automatic as a 14 year old

  • Even those from America that claim to be able to drive stick, usually does it in a really bad way. Not to mention people rev super high before shifting, and starts complaining about gas milage

  • I’m 15 and I drive better than them.

  • 0:05 hi felicia

  • They didn’t even shift ? they didn’t learn anything but how to time taking your foot off clutch and pushing gas down at the same time

  • ok im 12, and i learned how to drive faster than theese dumbasses btw im european

  • People that says that they are fast learners are the worst

  • With a manual you actually drive. With an automatic you just pretty much ride along. No feeling what so ever. So Boring.

  • Find the biting point first ffs! This is normal driving!


  • I find manual easier than automatic because you can control your speed a little bit more easier

  • 0:07 Were else would you learn stick?

  • Wtf how did they pass the driving test ?

  • Why am I in America

  • the hell does felicia sound like she's doing a job interview for

  • I could not??

  • Laughs in asian

  • I'm actually confused I thought stick shift cars were MORE popular in the Us than in eu. Boi was I wrong

  • Manual for life !!!!!!!

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