People Stealing from Stores – $1000’s of Shoes

remember the Denzel Washington movie
with Clive on by Melinda the washington inside man
when he was basically in the bank they didn’t necessarily rob
the bank where all now so that’s basically what this story reminds
me up three men in Seattle the district by the way if any of the locals are out
there this is an University District in
Seattle Washington Mapleton inside jobs or to shed where
they basically broke the locks to an apartment building
went into the sprinkler room destroyed the drywall and what into a store called the recess
fine shoe store in Seattle and stole thousands upon thousands upon
thousands up shoes now unless these men did a
little john travolta and nicholas cage like base of we’ve seen their faces video from recess
on Instagram and we’ll discuss then this guy learn from enemy the state
with gene hackman in that he you notice he never looks up techno it so black guys obviously but I get thousands upon thousands upon
thousands dollars I’m pulling up the other pictures right now if you see right here
none of them were wearing masks they all look pretty young I’d say
twenties the thirties and obviously recess is asking for your
help so if you are in the Seattle district and that’s what we’re trying to put out
this piece please do help them out and try to try to just try to tell them
out if you see anything you know Liz any these guys call the police broke
into a locked box got to the apartment building when this break we’ll room cut through
the drywall man thats incredible that from professional stop except for
the part where they didn’t cover their faces well done criminals World Cup ok


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  • Seems like the only good idea was going through a wall. Not wearing glasses with the hoody, not bringing a mask, looking hurried, not looking for sensors, and looking up at the cameras all seems really amateurish.

  • @wadeboshiverson Nick from your neighborhood.

  • is this tmz, americas most wanted, or tyt sports?

  • Tyt sports?

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    I don't give a shit about shoes talk about sports you retards

  • i will unsub if you keep posting these non sports stories do yo have an editor or something get more professional we want to hear you talk about sports not this trash 

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