Penelope Cruz Tries to Teach Ellen Spanish

You were at the Golden
Globes the other night. You looked great. I heard you get
like, stage fright. Do you get stage fright? Yes, I do. I think if I did it
every day like you, I mean, in front of a huge
audience, you get used to it, no? Right. But I do it once in a while. For me it’s different. Being on the set, it’s me
with my crew, in our world. This is different. Or something like
the Golden Globes. Yeah and I do get
nervous at those things. Yeah. Well, but you know
everybody there. So it’s not like you’re– Yeah, but that’s a problem. Like, you come out to give
an award and you look down. Like two meters away is
Oprah, and Spielberg, and Meryl Streep,
and I get shy– very shy– with these things. Because you don’t see
people that often. You don’t live here, right? Where do you live? Yeah, I used to live here. I lived here for a
few years, but now I live in Spain most of the time. In Spain. It’s beautiful there. I went recently,
for my first time. It’s great. And my family, most
of them are there. And I’m really happy there. I love LA, but just
family, family. Yes. Hey, help me out with something. I’m trying to learn
Spanish so you can give me a new word
for me to learn today. Because I’m– Oh, somebody told me. That’s why I
prepared a few words. Oh good. Oh a few? OK. I just want one. And a few sentences. Oh, sentences? This is so much fun for
me to teach you Spanish. For example, you could
say this very well. In [SPEAKING SPANISH] Me tienes
hasta el moño Which means, I’ve had it with you. Me tienes. Me tienes. Hasta el moño. [SPEAKING GIBBERISH] No, no, no, no. No. You can do this, I know. Me tienes hasta el moño. [SPEAKING GIBBERISH] No. We should try something else. Maybe if I see it. Maybe if I read it. Mira, mira. Me tienes– What’s mira? Mira is look, look. Look, look. Yeah. Mira, mira. How’s that? No, no, no. OK. Me tienes hasta el moño. Perfect. Perfect, perfect. Me tienes hasta el moño. This is– I’m not supposed to
teach you these– but, [BLEEP] la leche. What does that mean? Now I’m in trouble if I have
to explain what it means. It’s better if you just
learn it and trust me. OK. OK. Me– [BLEEP] la leche. Me–[BLEEP] la leche. Perfect. Perfect. I can do this all day with you. Oh, yeah. You don’t want to. I mean, I really
am bad at accents. I can’t possibly. I’m trying, I’m trying. That’s why I’m so
impressed– and I don’t want to jump ahead,
because you’re so good in this. And you had to learn a whole
new way of speaking, right? Yes. We’ll talk about it later. OK. There’s a picture I
saw that’s so adorable. What were you doing
at 13 years old that you were on the
cover of a magazine? What was this? Well, yeah. I was like 13 or 14. You were modeling? Yes. I was studying and I was
dancing in the afternoons. And I was also doing some
castings and some modeling jobs. I felt that I was so
old and I see that, and I’m such a little girl. You’re a little girl. And what did you think
about modeling at that age? Do you think that’s
a healthy thing? Well, my parents were there
next to me all the time. Very protective and also
gave me a lot of freedom. But they watched
what I was doing. And it was just a few
jobs here and there. I got a TV show. I was presenting
a music TV show. And then I started
to do some castings for film and television. And when I started to get yes
as an answer in the casting, then I have to rethink
the whole thing, because I wanted to be a dancer. And then I really love acting. I went to a theater
school for four years. And then I just took that
path and took the risk. And look, that worked out. And what kind of dance did
you learn when you were young? Ballet? I did ballet. Yeah? That’s really hard. Classical ballet. Very tough, but I loved it. I was being a teenager,
working in movies. Like I also had gone through
a lot of tough things doing ballet, and
the feet are bleeding and your nails fall off. I know. These people are like
beautiful, and then their feet are disgusting. They really are. Beautiful people
with hideous feet. Hi. I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos. Like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer. And also some videos of
Ellen and other celebrities, if you’re into
that sort of thing. [SHOUTS] [SHOUTS] [BLEEP] [BLEEP]


  • She is able to speak and act in English, Italian and Spanish.
    Should I add more? Penelope, you're star y que se jodan los putos americanos de mierda

  • Those people judging her accent have to learn another language. Jealous much?? I speak 3 languages and trying to learn another one.


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  • In Europe is normal to speak many languages ( I speak 4 and is not a big deal here) is funny but at the same time so sad that North Americans are not at the very least bilingual being America a multilingual Continent 🤷🏼‍♀️

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  • Salut mi familia

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  • Ow my gosh, this tv show is recorded in Los Angeles, it's not so far from a Spanish country"Mexico" maybe 70 miles away. Therefore north Americans always speak just one language. I'm from Brazil, but I can speak Portuguese, English and Spanish, I'm not fluent but I get.

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