Penampilan Cowok Yang Disukai Cewek – Kamu Termasuk?

Hey guys! Welcome back! So in this video, we want to talk about men appearance that girls like. Hmm! What do you think? So we are starting right now! So guys! Before we start the video, for those who are kind and good hearted, don’t forget to click the SUBSCRIBE button and ACTIVATE the notification bell button, because subscribe is easy and is FREE! Thank You! Men’s look that most girls like! What kind and what should it be? It’s simple guys! Taking care of your appearance is not only done by girls only, but men should take care of themselves too! Don’t ever thought because you are men, and you are just relaxing, don’t care and just ignore it. who say so! For those who are single, move closer and listen, is not only for single, but for those who already has a girlfriend, crush, approaching someone, or trying to win someone’s heart. You can try it guys! There is nothing wrong! Who knows may be your girlfriend will be bonded to you. Hmm! Just wondering if your style will fit. Let’s hit into it right now, here you go! 1. Girls Love Men That Smells Good & Clean Guys! Are you proud of your handsome appearance and your super stylist look? That’s not even enough if you don’t smells good, girls sense of smell is very sensitive, and girls love fragrance smell. If men’s body smells good, girls feel comfortable besides you. Girls love men that are clean, smells good and hygienic. Shower diligently guys, don’t save water, don’t wait for the rain to come then take a shower, is it because the rain water is free! Hello! Girls love clean men, it means you know how to take care of yourself very well, paying attention to yourself from head to toe. So even though your body’s smell is neutral, means doesn’t give out any odor, is nothing wrong guys if you were to put on deodorant. The main thing is to use perfume, it doesn’t have to be very expensive perfumes/cologne, it’s not necessary. Just perfume, most important thing smells good! Smells good is always better rather than sun-burned smell. So guys, everyone has their own body aroma characteristic, there are sweet, bitter, sour, hot, half hot and other varieties. But, it’s OK! It’s normal guys! The most important thing you have the desire and will to take care and clean up your body. That’s why some girls love to be around men that look just so and so, but he smells good. So, the good smell from a man’s body can act as power of attraction for girls guys! Because it means you have an added value beside just your attractive look! Wonderful! 2. Girls Love Good Smile & Great Breath Men who have confidence to smile genuinely and openly of course can easily attract the attention of girls, You don’t need to have teeth as white as pearl, no, and don’t be too economical using your toothpaste, Although taking care of your health and the cleanliness of mouth not enough just by brushing your teeth, but you still need other supporting things as well, such as mouthwash like Listerine which you can find in any grocery stores nearby to you, drink plenty of water, and keep mouth refresher such breath mint around you all the time, and your mouth will be so fresh! So that when you are talking to your girlfriend, your crush, your date, and therefore your breath doesn’t smell like dragon (trash/garbage), not funny right! 3. Put On Pants That Fit You Perfectly Not only shirts that play a major role on your appearance guys! But pants that you wear also attract the attention of girls. Especially Jeans or Levis, that’s a legendary means of clothing’s wear. Any men, not looking at your age or your body posture will definitely own Jeans in their wardrobe. Am I right? All of you should know, pants that girls like to see in men not something too complicated, too much varieties, just straight cutting, simple is more than enough. It could be denim materials or cotton, the most important thing is just not too tight or too loose, just normal to fit your body perfectly. So masculine! 4. Watch Majority of girls love to see men wearing watches, and there are a few of them may have different opinion and care less about it, but some girls love it so much guys! Because it can increase your handsome score level like 50% or so, just imagine if your handsome score is only 10% and by adding another 50% to it, therefore your handsome score level will become 60%, not bad, peace, just kidding guys! Watches is not only limited to fashion guys, but most men that wear watches are very well manage and punctual on their time schedule. Especially when they are dating with someone, and they will always be on time. Who is in here often wearing watches with dead battery? Just admit it! Admit! 5. Clean Hair You hair could be long, wavy, curly, bald, oh! I forgot bald doesn’t have any hair. That’s not a problem at all! The most important thing, you need to look neat and clean. Just imagine if your hair is oily, messy and have dandruff, so be more diligent to wash and clean up your hair guys!. Shave and keep it clean. 6. Girls Love To See Men With Shoes When Dating Dating with your date doesn’t have to be in expensive and romantic places, just take it easy, you can go to a movie, or doing things that are more relaxing. Even though is free, it doesn’t mean is advisable to put on sandals. So when you put on shoes, it looks more attractive and neat. Especially when you both going out together, and girls will feel more respected in their date. Just remember guys! Remember! When you want to go out for a date with a girl, she will try her best to be very presentable for you, to be as neat, beautiful and smells as good as possible, and so would’t be great you do the same thing too! 7. Girls Love Men Wearing Shirt and T-Shirt Do you know that shirt make your style/look more attractive, because it gives the impression of neatness and also relax but not awkward. On the other side, shirt also show your manly look! You can just put on the shirt onto you or you can match with plain T-Shirt, so you put on the T-Shirt first and then put on the shirt on the outer layer, especially you roll-up the sleeve. Wow! For the bottom part, you can put on Jeans with neutral color, just take it easy, I know many men don’t like to put on shirt, some feel more comfortable looking casual, wearing just T-shirt and Jeans only. It’s OK too guys! Because we girls love it too! But even more attractive if you find and put on T-Shirt that fit your body perfectly, and if your body is slim. Find something that is perfectly fit so it will fit nice on your body. Especially darker color such as black, dark brown or dark blue, something darker in color. The main thing girls love to see men with clean and neat appearance, it doesn’t have to be expensive or branded, just neat, clean and full of confidence. Is not as complicated as what you have thought right? So from now on don’t be lazy to take care with your appearance. There is nothing to loose and nothing wrong with it! That’s why you can look more cool! So guys! That’s all for the video today and hopefully is helpful, if there is any comments from you, or may be your girlfriend have different opinion want you to dress up in different ways, please write it down at the comment section underneath here. 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