Pastor Chris in Dubai – The set time is now!

meaning of a lifetime it’s that time to
hear God’s Word to refresh your spear do you know why a meeting like this is
important who can share with God’s people blessed troops of God’s work to
help them come to that place that God wants them in for the slippers can you
see me in how many fingers how many now – how many now bye rather the world there was no party
leader and ISKCON 17 years she’s irreverent magazines
17 17 years sir she said well my brain she said about pastor Chris will be in Dubai for the
two days of glory holding on the 27th and 28th of February 20 20 at the
coca-cola Arena when we get out of here each one of us would increase glory we
get a manifestation of the kingdom of God through us we’re going to do greater
things than ever before listen this world is going to hear us
before Jesus Christ comes back this is one mean you cannot afford to miss be


  • Hallelujah!!🙌🙌

  • My father is home, welcome to UAE Pastor, I love you Sir.

  • Pastor Chris please pray for me and my husband. I am asking God to intercede for us to stop our condo from foreclosure and asking God to have the allow us to lower our payments that we can afford. My husband is working and I am currently unemployed and asking God to help me find a job. Thank you and God bless you.

  • Glorryyyy 🙏🙌🙌🙌

  • Glory be to God. This is the move! Thank you Pastor Chris. Dubai will see the glory of Jesus with absolute perfection. Hallelujah!!

  • How can I watch it live?

  • Dubai!!!!! A change has come to you

  • Its going to be awesome i want to watch live!

  • Tomorrow I'm doing to attend Jesus presents hallelujah I'm so happy to see pastor Chris .from Pakistan

  • AMEN

  • God is powerful

  • Glory Glory Glory Glory be to God

  • Where can I watch live

  • Amen

  • Hallelujah

  • Yes am ready!!!

  • Am gonna be there tomorrow

  • Hallujeh

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