Pantuflas de trapillo a crochet paso a paso

hello my dear friends in crochet, here we are again in handworkdiy sharing new projects, cute and especially those projects that you ask me to go to work these beautiful slippers you just saw they sent them to me, a very similar model a friend, through facebook, through a message and I request that I prepare a tutorial with these slippers so I give the idea to you, so that you give the idea to me and send me photos, of what I would like you to work through the channel anyway, I ask for your patience, I have many requests, we will all work, but we need a little time let’s work these slippers with this material, is called light trapillo, is achieved in this way, is cotton cloth is sold by meters, can be 70 meters, or 100 meters it depends a little on how they worked, who prepare this type of material we will use 9-millimeter crochet and we need, of course, scissors well, I tell you a little bit how this material works you can see that it comes in strip and it’s wide, but as we work just gets adjusted, and you make a roll as you see here with which you work comfortably we make a slipped knot and knit 16 chains not counting that slipped knot when we have 16 ch we counted from the needle backwards, and positioned ourselves on ch number 2 to work single crochet and continue, all with sc to the end of the row will be a sc in each base stitch when we complete everything with sc I show you, here we have the knot slipped, but there we must not knit but if I have the last ch to knit then here we weave 3 sc in the same stitch of ase uno two three see that we are turning the work in this way while we turn the work, we keep that short female inside I place myself in the next base stitch, and weave a sc and so continue with a sc on each base stitch, until you reach the other end we weave over the last sc of the base what you see here, is the ch that we left free at the beginning in that ch, we are going to knit 2 sc together, and we can spin then we go, to the next base stitch, and we weave 2 sc together, again we continue with 13 sc, one on each base stitch, until we reach the end then we will work 3 increases here we weave 2 sc together I go to the next base stitch, and I repeat, 2 sc together and the last increase, I repeat in the next stitch 2 sc together now we continue knitting 14 sc until we get to the other end 1 sc in each base stitch when we weave the 14 sc, we repeat the increases at this end and work, 2 sc together, we must do three times the same increase as in the other extreme I repeat the second increase (2 sc together) and now we weave the third increase: (2sc together) once we weave these increases, we continue knitting 9 sc one in each base stitch and this is the last round from the base once we complete the 9 sc we continue weaving 6 half dc one in each base stitch 2 3 4 5 and 6 hdc let’s work the increases we weave 2 hdc together and so I repeat until I have 4 total increases this is the second increase (2 hdc) we make the third increase and now the fourth increase we finished making the increases, now we knit 6 hdc one in each base stitch I’m doing the same thing that I wove on this other side Now I’m going to knit 10 sc 1 2 3 and 10 sc now we cut the thread I remove the crochet in this way and we’re going to make that neat ending like in almost all of our jobs we put the crochet from behind, forward in this stitch and I carry the thread back then I position myself in the center of the last stitch that I wove but backwards, from behind, and I carry the thread back in this way, it is very neat So we have the base of our slipper finished as you can see, where we work the hdc, it is a little wider and that will be the part of our fingers

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