Padraig Wool Slippers are the best slippers for babies, children & adults

Hi, This is Judy, I’m the owner of and today we’re going to talk about Padraig Wool slippers. and I’ll show you what I’m talking about.
Padraig Wool slippers are the biggest selling item on and for good reason. First of all, they range
from teeny teeny teeny teeny too big enormous
giant slippers and they are made, handmade
still, in Vancouver BC They’re made from woo on the outside
and when you put your finger inside, it’s soft soft soft sheepskin which feels so good on your feet. Virtually every baby in this community in Nelson has a pair
of these because, not only are they super warm, but because
they’re all natural fiber. They don’t make your feet sweat so
baby or you stay warm and comfy; basically all
year round. Right now, I am wearing my Padraig Wool Slippers
which I wear all year round even in the heat of the
summer. I wear them in the evening when I get home from work because they feel like home to me. They’ve
become kind of my best friend. What’s great about them also, because
they’re natural fiber, is they stretch, so that most pairs of the Padraigs for a child will last for about a year
and a half to two years… still be in great condition… you can pass them on to
the next child and pass them on to the next child and pass them on to the next
child… and all your friends and relatives etc They’re beautifully made, super
comfortable. They come in a great array of colours. Sizes
all the way from newborn, which is kind of an heirloom thing that
you keep forever, up to the giant men’s extra-large.
One of the few adult products that we carry in our store.
Basically because the parents saw their kids wearing them and said… ” Hey… come on… These look so comfy we want them”. So we brought in adult ones as well. If you’re looking for a great baby gift… also if you’re looking for the ultimate
Canadian present… sell these to people who
come from all over the world who come in saying “We want to bring back something Canadian” We say “Get these slippers. They’re the essence of Canadian… warm and fuzzy and comfy… and all that” So please subscribe to our
(YouTube) channel: so you don’t lose out on all the great information we’re giving you
about products and child development and share this with your friends and
family so they don’t miss out either and do yourself and them and us a favour. Thank you so much. This is
Judy from

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