Outside the Box – Ep. 3: Joshua Marin, Sneaker Cobbler | Nike

Man, I really wish I had some music. I’m Joshua Marin. I’m a cobbler.
And I love restoring sneakers. How can I help you? Oh, George, what’s up, bro? I was 19 when I opened up my first business. I’m 22 now. Everybody always asks me,
“Like, how can you control four shops?” And it’s just…
having friends and family that help you. You have to appreciate those around you. Yeah, they came out nice. Some people didn’t even want to bring me their shoes
Cause they’re like, “What? You’re so young.” I’m like, “Nah, c’mon…try me out.” And they’re regulars now. —How are you?
—I’m good. These are my babies. I tread really…uh…heavy on my heels, so… I’ll rebuild the bottom right here. And then I’m gonna fill this little hole
that you got in here with some cushion. Put some leather around it
and get it all stitched up for you. I’ve never even seen details like this before,
with the hearts. When I found them, I was so excited, like…
I just never want to let go of these. I love ’em. Cool! I’ll get ’em up and running for you.
No worries. You brought ’em to the right place. Shoe repair has been in my family for generations.
It’s in our blood. My name is Rosalío Marín Villegas. Seeing my grandfather still doing this—
it just makes me so happy. I was the first cobbler in my family. I got into the business as a kid
’cause of my father. I would always work at his shop. Always had me sweeping, mopping… After school, he used to come around. Instead of books in the backpack, he carried shoes. He had a vision. He wanted to go into the sneakers. My father sent me a picture recently. And he’s like, “Look, you had Jordans
even before you learned how to walk.” Being a third-generation cobbler,
I feel like it’s my job to continue the legacy. I’m gonna show you all my secrets, okay?
Just don’t show nobody else. She got a whole new heel. Feels great working under pressure, you know? Sneakers, like, repairing them and fixing them…
it changed my life. Just bringing ’em back to life—
that’s what people like, and that’s what I enjoy. That’s a good question…
what do you need to succeed? You need passion. You need a lot of heart, motivation.
You know, you just gotta push yourself. I feel like I’m successful just because
I have my family and my friends around me. So, you know, I’m growing
and they’re still here with me. What’s your passion, you know?
What do you look forward to when you wake up? What’s your state of mind, you know? I learned from my father.
I learned from my grandfather. Just hustling hard. We’re all happy, you know.
So that’s, I guess, what being successful means. Yeah, being happy. That’s how I feel.


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  • This is amazing, breathtaking

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  • Keep grinding Joshua!

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  • I love not buying Nike shoes anymore as they support that traitor Kaepernick.

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  • Love the positive energy. Much love and respect!

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  • wish our place have a cobbler that specializes on sneakers like him

  • This young kid doing great stuff ! It’s good to see for the dying art industry !

  • Can he fix a flat Air max ??

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  • yoooo thats the life right there, doing what you love to do, especially something that involves bringing life back to loved goods, that's awesome!

  • Very cool the community needs more trades like this! Allows individuals to turn their passion into a lifestyles

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