Outdoor Research Women’s Verglas Gaiters

Borrowing features from their award winning
Crocodile Gaiters, Outdoor Research brings you the lighter weight and more packable Verglas
Gaiters. These are the perfect balance of protection, complete waterproof protection
from the elements and a light-weight feel. So while they give you all of that protection
you need, they are very packa-ble. If you don’t need them, you can throw them in your
pack and they are not very heavy. But they give complete waterproof protection. The are
a full length gaiter, so it offers all of that protection that you need in your lower
leg and we will just go through the features here. On the top you do have a full length, one
and a half inch Velcro strip. So this makes it really easy to put the gaiters on and take
them off. There is a cam buckle closure at the top. So as you can see, we have it here.
You can cinch that down right above your calf, so you know that they are going to stay exactly
where you want them, right above your calf, right underneath of your knee. These are the women specific version so they
are going to fit really well. They are not go-ing to be oversized. They come in a couple
of different sizes, so that makes it really great for dialing in the fit. The materials here are very smart. You have
got pretty lightweight material here in the let panel and that is pertex shield waterproof
material. So while it is very waterproof and wa-ter resistant, it is also very lightweight,
so it is going to allow your leg to breathe. Below that you have 500 denier cordora material.
That is extremely durable and this is the part of the gaiter that is going to come into
contact with maybe your other boot. If you have got traction on the bottom of your shoes,
it is going to come into contact with that. It is going to come into contact with rocks
and other things. So this is extremely durable and it is also waterproof. So you have got
a great mixture of materials here. The materials doing what they need to do in order to keep
you comfortable and to keep you safe. Down at the bottom you do have a double riveted
hook and that is a metal hook that is going to attach to your boots there, very durable
material. And then underneath of your foot you have got an extremely durable Hypalon
instep strap. It is wider here on the in-side of your foot. It tapers down so that it can
go under the heel of your boot and then on the other side you do have a metal buckle.
There is a lot of adjustment points there. So I have got these on just a pair of backpacking
boots right now. They are a little bit lower profile so I can cinch those down, but on
a pair of mountaineering boots or higher profile boots that are going to take up a bigger space,
you can really adjust this out to be a little bit longer. So it is going to accommodate
a lot of different boots for a lot of differ-ent activities. Gaiters are the perfect addition to your outdoor
gear. They provide a lot of protection to your legs. They not only protect your legs,
but they protect the pants that you are wearing and these happen to be completely waterproof.
So in those adventures that include ice and snow, you are going to be completely protected
and you are going to stay really com-fortable. They are the Outdoor Research Verglas Gaiters.

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  • Always love your reviews, very thorough!

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