Outdoor Research Flex-Tex II Gaiters

The Outdoor Research Flex-Text II gaiters
are the perfect low profile option for any hiker or backpacker who is looking for some
extra protection against rocks, dirt, debris, snow and ice. These are, like I said, a low
profile design. They are made with very high abra-sion resistant fabrics. They are very
stretchy as well and they are going to stand up to a lot of abuse. So with that stretch,
they are going to move with you unlike a stiff gaiter that, you know, kind of weighs you
down, these are going to be very lightweight. Moving through the features here, first I
want to point out the different materials used here. On the inside of the gaiter you
have a little bit of extra abrasion resistance so as you are walking and hiking your boots
would rub up against each other. So you have more abrasion resistance there, which is really
nice. And then working from top to bottom, there is a really interesting stretchy draw
cord in these gaiters. They go… they start around the top, so once you put the gaiters
on and tighten them against your leg, they actually form an X pattern in the gaiter.
So this is going to cinch down the back of the gaiter and it is going to just provide
a lot more protection that way. So rock and dirt and debris can’t get in through the
top. This is going to fit a wide variety of people. And these come in two sizes, small/medium
and medium/large. So they are really versatile as far as the fit. There are a couple Velcro closures here. Now
there is a Velcro at the top and that just keeps the gaiters from opening up while you
are hiking with them. There is the same thing at the bottom. So you have a lot of protection
there. Once you put the gaiters on and kind of secure all the Velcro here, they are not
going anywhere. So they are really nice that way. You have got a long piece of Velcro here
on the front and, again, that Velcro clo-sure on the bottom. They are really easy to use,
easy to put on and take off. You have a really durable strap that goes down around the bottom,
high visibility strap. And there are several different attachment points there. So whether
you are wearing alpine shoes, back-packing boots, lighter weight hiking boots, you are
going to be able to adjust that up and down for the volume of the shoe. That is really
nice there. The way it is stitched on is, you know, double
stitched, triple stitched. You have got real-ly durable stitch lines and the strap itself
is just very durable. So that is going to hold up to a lot of abuse against rock. And
then on the other side or on the front of the gaiter, I should say, you do have a small
hook. It is backed by a little bit of extra durable material there, so that is going to
fit right on the top of your shoes really nicely and clip or hook to the top of your
laces. With the low profile design, the lightweight
yet very durable and stretchy fabrics and all the attentions to detail, the Flex-Text
II gaiters by Outdoor Research are going to keep you more comfortable on the trail on
any adventure.

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  • When I go hunting its usually hot. Problem is that thorns and sharp leafs fall into my boot or go through my pants. Would you suggest these for it or other gaiters?

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