Origami – Slipper, Shoes (You can wear these slippers! / How to make paper shoes)

Slippers Paper : 15*15cm (2 sheets) Part 1 The front down. 1/3 (a third) Part 2 The front down. 13cm


  • Fun, easy to make! You are the best! I know your hands from anywhere! Thank you

  • Where do you buy your beautiful paper?

  • I love it! It's easy to make them!

  • Çaldın 632 dakikamı geriver

  • 실제로신을수있다해서 만들었는데 사이즈가 너무 작아요 ㅠㅠ

  • I love it!! I'm from Russia)

  • Biz seni nası bekliyeceğiz abla bizi biraz bekle ama o esyalar yok nerde vardır ma renklisi ben seni ilk defa izliyorum kanalında neler var çok güzel midir ablacım.

  • Awesome video tutorial dear

  • You could be origami teacher

  • Today it rained, so our shoes got wet, so I made these for my classmates

  • I love to wear it
    Maybe I will not have to buy more frim market

  • sobs my feet are to big for them

  • Thank you sou muck

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