OOFOS OOriginal Aqua Thong Sandals

My name is Nolan. I own an online store called
The-Perfect-Present.com. This video demonstrates Aqua OOFOS ® OOriginal ™ Thong Sandals. Visit
The-Perfect-Present.com now to find videos demonstrating other OOFOS styles and colors.
You’ll also find a detailed video that explains why OOFOS sandals are the world’s most comfortable,
orthotic recovery sandals. I do not sell on Amazon® or eBay®. So if you feel I’ve earned
your business please visit my store. Again it’s www.the-perfect-present.com. You’ll find
low prices, volume discounts, free fast USPS Priority Shipping on all OOFOS Shoes. Call
me at 1-888-205-4477. You’ll talk to a real live person who actually understands OOFOS
and can answer any of your questions or handle any problems you might run into.

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