Online Shopping Tips — Bitsy’s Quick Tips

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pardpardeftab720qlqnatural f0fs38 cf0 Here’92s a frugalicious online
shopping tip ’96 place an item in your online shopping cart, and leave it there without
completing checkout. After a few days, many stores will email you with a 10% off coupon
or free shipping offer to encourage you to complete the purchase. This is also a great
way to curb impulse buys.}


  • the video contest for a gift card to sephora with like the to runner up winning a mug I actually won and I didnt see the video till last week because I had been bed bound bevause I needed back surgery. I sent you my information for you to send it if I'm still eligible but if not I completely understand because it's my fault for missing the video. i wasnt able.

  • I believe the contest I was referring to was in april.

  • Wow something I don't know. Great! 🙂

  • wow really? =o nice

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