ONEMIX Men Running Shoes Review

Hi everyone! Welcome to
“OVR Fashion” I’m the OVR guy And as you can see
we have this new package As always
we’re going to find out TOGETHER What’s inside
and what I think about it! So let’s not waste any time Let me grab the Swiss knife Here is the Swiss knife And we’re going to
Un-package it! Well boys and girls What we have here is a pair of
running shoes by OneMix Their design is an exact copy
of the Nike Air Max That also have this air cushion
along the whole shoe sole The main difference
between the Nike Air Max And the OneMix / copycat / rip-off Is mainly the price As the Nike Air Max
are priced around $200 Which can get you 4
or even 5 pairs of these Except the air cushion the shoes are made
from thin elastic mesh fabric That is very firm And is considered as a breathing material It’s attached well to the shoe out-sole
that is made from rubber That seems to me a bit simple or cheap
compared to more exclusive running shoes But I’m not sure how much
it should bother you And this is the worst thing I can come up with
about these shoes The insole is made from EVA
which is some sort of a foam Each shoe weighs approx. 300 grams And they are very comfortable
to walk and run with Compared to other running shoes I wouldn’t describe them as “light” But they hold the foot properly
and give it a steady feeling I ordered the shoes
according to the size chart That appears at the online store And at least to me it proved to be very accurate If you’re not sure about your size you should measure your foot length
on blank paper And see which size you are If you did that
but you’re still not sure I advise you to contact the seller
to avoid unwanted risks According to the manufacturer
these shoes are suitable for marathon running I never ran a marathon
so if someone who’s watching this video Ran +40 KM with these shoes Please let me know how was it… Now let’s go to the bottom line: Whether you will walk or run
with these shoes You should know that they offer
excellent value for money This is another evidence For me at least That unless you’re a world class athlete You shouldn’t pay so much
on running shoes Because you probably will be
more than happy with these And when I think of it The colors of these shoes Will fit perfectly
to Usain Bolt’s national uniform Well boys and girls This was my video review About this pair of running shoes for men
by OneMix For further information about these shoes Please check the description to the video And if you still have any questions about them Please comment on this video And I will do my best
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  • Wow awesome video man

  • good review, thanks

  • EVA sole is stronger than the foam Nike usually uses . Nike foam soles tends to crumble in long time . sometimes they crumbles within a weeks

  • The Same Shoes has already Nike

  • I am looking for shoes for volleyball to give me more cushioning and help with jump, are these it?

  • You actually wore the shoes in your review and didn't just sit there and describe them like other videos. I appreciate that.

  • I need marathon running shoes pls help me which one to buy near my home there is no running track r I cannot go for gym.pls suggest me to buy a road running r marathon running shoes.thanks

  • Does this shoes durable long term?

  • Do they even make this shoes on 10.5 US for men??

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