ON RUNNING CloudAce Review: Best Running Trainers

– What’s up Traniacs? You wanted a review of the
brand new On Running Cloudace. You get a review of the
new On Running Cloudace. (upbeat techno music) So, the On Running Cloudace just came out right at the beginning of July. And, On Running send this out to me. This isn’t paid, but they did send this out
for free to give it a shot. However, they did that
with the caveat that this On Running shoe is unlike all of the other On Running shoes. They’ve explained it as
like a stability cushioned, heavier kinda trainer. Something for somebody that enjoys more like a ASICS GEL-Kayano Like that 10 ounce plus
kinda really beefy trainer with a lot of structure kinda shoe. And that, from my standpoint, is something that is totally foreign. I tend to like something that’s more in like the seven
to nine ounce range. Something that has a lot of flexibility. Something that has a fair
bit of pop off the ground. And, some cushioning, but is certainly more along the lines of a racing flat. This is not that. However, I surprisingly liked it. For starters, it was a lot
smoother than I expected. Normally, I tend not to like
those more built up structured shoes because it feels like
my foot can’t move naturally. Like I’m running on bricks. And that, basically there’s
just a lot more shoe than there really needs to be. The first few steps
that I started running, I was like whoa that is a heavy shoe. But, once I started going it felt kinda like an On Running shoe. It was still nice and smooth. It didn’t restrict my foot from
moving one way or the other. So, as far as built up shoes
go, I tolerated this one. I actually enjoyed the
half a dozen runs or so that I have been testing this with. It certainly is a heavier shoe coming in at about 11.8 ounces. And, it does have that
heavy shoe kinda sound. Kinda du, du, du. On the ground as you’re going. And because of that,
It is important to know if you’re thinking about
buying this shoe what it’s for. It isn’t for your speed work. So, your temple runs on the road. Your fast speed work on the track. It’s not gonna be very good for that. Because, in those runs you
want really light shoes so that your feet can get the sensation and build up the muscle memory to be getting of the ground really quick. This is more for those long steady runs, where you want a little
bit more structure. You want more comfort, more cushioning to take some of the load off your body. That’s what this is intended for. Even if your into garbage miles, I’m not a big fan of garbage mile, but if you’re just in the
habit of getting in miles each and every day for the
sake of getting in miles, and you want for those
garbage miles a shoe that’s gonna take the load of
your body, this will do that. Let’s get into the design and why it ends up feeling the way it does. Now, for one, it’s got a
fairly decent push forward. It’s not like the Nike Zoom Flys, where it just propels you forward, but it has this bar of plastic in between the footbed
and the sole of the shoe that gives it that little
bit of press forward that encourages you to
start running forward. Instead of, having to muscle
your way through the shoe. The sole of the shoe is
the first On Running shoe that has the zero gravity
clouds on the heel and then the On Running
pods on the fore foot. And, what that results in
is a nice bit of cushioning as you land on either your
mid foot or your heel. But, those pods on the front give you that nice on feeling of a firm toe off. It also has the V shape
down the center of the shoe that all of the 2018 On Running shoes have and that resulted in
no gravel getting stuck in all these pods like the 2016s, the 2017 On Running shoes have. That wasn’t the case with this. As far as traction goes,
really good on the road as you would expect with
a road designed shoe. Fine on grass, which you might not expect from a road designed shoe. And, actually, I went
on the trails with this over the last couple of days and it was surprisingly really good. I think that all of the
different edges along the bottom make for a decent trail running shoe because there’s more edges to grab on. Now, I wouldn’t use this for really serious technical trail running, but as far as road, grass,
little bit of gravel, little bit of technical
trail running goes, did fine. There is a seven millimeter
heel to toe drop, but it doesn’t feel like
it’s really plush or cushy, it’s more of a firm sole
without a ton of flexibility. And, just in general that’s kinda the flavor
of the overall shoe. There’s more squishy tongue. There’s more padding on the inside. There’s more heel cup. There’s just more, more. However, in sizing, there’s
probably just a little bit less. Availability wise, all they
had was a half size large for me, so they sent it out anyway. But, I was able to run in this quite comfortably over the last few weeks. Now, the key thing here when
it comes right down to it is, do I like them and recommend them. Well, I you were somebody who
likes structured shoes, yes. I think you’ll like them. I am not somebody who
likes structures shoes, so while I did enjoy running in them, it’s just not something
that I gravitate towards. I almost always was reaching for something other than these shoes just
because it’s not my jam. But, if you’re somebody who is
into those ASICS GEL-Kayano, these are very good option. They feel nice and smooth as I mentioned. They are a fair bit warm. So, my foot got a little bit sweaty, and because of that I probably wouldn’t be going out barefoot in these. But, with main trainers,
that’s not really the point. And like a lot of ONn,
they’ve got that really big heel cups, so probably
gonna dig into your heel for the first 52 to 100 K. Now, let’s get into the
deal breaker in these shoes that precludes me from
being able to say yes, absolutely go out and buy these. These cost $200 US. That is one of the most expensive running shoes out there right now. And, granted On has a lot of programs if you search around on their website or you listen to some
podcast that they sponsor, where you’ve got a 30 day
try it for free period. However, I always come down to what is the dollar per mile in this shoe. So, in the case of
something like Sketchers, where it only costs about a $100, but you get only 200 K out of it. Dollar per mile, probably
works out to about the same as a $150 shoe where you get closer to three or 400 kilometers, or a Hoka, where it costs more like a $170, but you get three to four
or 500 kilometers out of it. For this to get that same
dollar per mile out of it at 200 bucks, you got
to be getting upwards of five, six, 700 clicks in this shoe, and by that time, I think
you’re going to be tired of it. And, will that foot bed hold
up to that type of mileage? It’s hard to say. So, who this is for is
somebody who loves On, has a fair bit of cheddar, likes a really structured shoe, and trusts that it’s gonna
be able to last them for a long time or really they just don’t care if it lasts for a long time. They wanna try on this shoe. So, there you go, give it a shot. Thanks for sending it
out On, I like you guys. You made a good shoe. Damn, you pricey. Alright Traniacs, if you
aren’t yet subscribed, hit that subscribe button below, and if you are subscribed
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