On | Cloudswift – the the light and swift urban running shoe

The Cloudswift is your highly cushioned, neutral running shoe for the urban jungle. Its construction is quite different from other Ons. It features this stretchy, light and breathable mesh and then your foot is held down by these mechanical sidebands. The Cloudswift also features a wider platform to give you added stability. What makes the Cloudswift truly unique is that it is the first On to feature Helion. Helion is On’s proprietary superfoam. It’s lightweight, it has a lot of energy return. It’s durable, and it has the same properties whether it’s hot or cold. What makes the Cloudswift so swift? It’s, of course, the Speedboard that allows you to transfer energy from impact to a powerful push-off. Last but not least, we’ve engineered a very special grip pattern to connect to urban roads because, as you know, power is nothing without control. If you run on hard surfaces and look for a light and fast shoe that offers tons of cushioning, then the Cloudswift is your favorite show to run in the city.


  • whats the name of this intro song? It's amazing

  • I GOT MINE!. 😉

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