On | Cloudflow – the lightweight & ultra-responsive running shoe

Your shortcut to runner’s high just got even shorter. This is the next generation of the Cloudflow. We’ve used the feedback from some of On’s top athletes, gained chasing medals, world records or even dreams, to refine what really makes this model your favorite shoe. The biggest news is that Helion is coming to the Cloudflow. Helion is On’s superfoam. It has tons of energy return. It’s very light at the same time, and what’s unique compared to other foams out there, it performs consistently whether it’s hot or cold. Bringing Helion to this shoe makes it more responsive, makes it faster, but we’ve also been able to change or improve the shape of the elements, especially in the forefoot. So you’ll have more protection on the foot if you are a forefoot striker and very important, the shoes will last even longer. Like all Ons, the Cloudflow features a Speedboard. This is a very unique one with tons of energy return, so as you land, it will propel you forward through your transition. The refined upper builds on the engineered mesh that you all love so much. It holds you tight just in the right places and its stretchy and breathable in others. A very unique feature that many of you will appreciate is this lace loop holder here, where you can just tuck your laces in so they are not flapping around. So the new Cloudflow, the shoe that you love, refined in all the right places. It’s a great shoe for mid-distance trainings, for racing and just to flow around and have fun.


  • Yes!! I have the first gen Cloudflow, this will be next

  • Hi. i love the shoes from the design, color, technology, but i stopped wearing them due to my feet are a bit wide, so here is my question do you guys make shoes for wide feet people?

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