On | Cloud – the lightest running shoe

The line between work, play and sports is blurrier than ever. So that’s why at On, we’ve fused together function and design. It’s Olympic pedigree performance, but smart enough for the office, for Casualwear, and even for your running track. The Cloud is the world’s lightest fully cushioned running shoe. But it’s geared towards all-day comfort and performance. It’s our most popular shoe. It really has become an icon, and for good reason! Every element of the Cloud is engineered for comfort, day-in and day-out. It has a snug fit that keeps your feet completely unrestricted. Its materials have an anti-microbial treatment to help you feel fresh all day. And then it’s easy to forget just how light it is. We have reduced it to the max. The patented CloudTec system is built out of zero-gravity foam. So it’s maximal impact protection even at minimal weight. The grip parts make sure that you can do sudden bursts of speed. And then we make sure that you also have an amazing forward propulsion with the Speedboard that sits in the middle layer of the sole. The heel construction keeps you firmly strapped in, even if you move fast. And we have the speed lacing system, which is a really unique feature of the shoe, so you get into the Cloud very fast, but it holds you firm during a run to your boss or to your train. The Cloud is for those who blend work, play and sports into an active lifestyle: for the urban explorers, for the travellers, for the adventurers, for the creative class who demand a shoe that can keep up and goes beyond the mainstream. Its minimalistic style and comfortable feel make it an ideal shoe for every day and just about everybody.


  • “the line between sport … and work is blurrier than ever.”

    not in 95% of all jobs it isn‘t

  • I used the Cloud to run my first 50k. Such a great shoe!

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