On | Cloud Hi Edge – a unique shoe with a standout design

At On, running is in our DNA, and it will be forever. We’ve seen our athletes for a long time wearing On Shoe’s pre- and post-race. But what thrills me most as a designer is that we see people now giving new lives to On shoes, combining them very consciously with all kinds of outfits. This is what has inspired us to design the Cloud Hi Edge. The goal was to create an entirely new silhouette. The design process was driven by curiosity to see what happens if we mixed the world of performance running with the world of streetwear and everything in a more urban context. The shoe has all the technology elements that you would expect from a typical On shoe. It has the CloudTec, it has a Speedboard, and all the materials that we used on the shoe are purely performance running. The design language that we applied on top of the technology however is not the pure performance one this time, but this specific model allowed us to explore a bit more the urban context. What took the design team to the edge on this one was combining a very technical outsole with an upper which is a remix of two different worlds: the one of performance running and the one of streetwear. The result is a completely new silhouette. This is the Cloud Hi Edge.


  • This is cool looking sneaker

  • Nice!

  • Sehr schön, On ist super!

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