using an old slipper you can make wonderful
inset puzzles. you require old slippers, a hole punch, a shoemakers knife, hammer and
a pen. take an old slipper and clean it up and then with a pen mark out various geometric
shapes. over here you can see a square has been marked. now similarly you can mark out
triangle, rectangle and a circle. after marking out all these geometric shapes. you can cut
them. for cutting a circle its slightly difficult with a knife. so you take a hole punch. you
take this punch and give it a tight whack with a hammer and you will see that a circular
piece would have been sliced. put it back in its respective slot. now to cut a triangle,
square and rectangle, take a shoemaker’s knife, a heavy duty knife. place it in the straight
edge and hammer it and in this way you cut straight edges and having cut all these three
shapes you can remove them from their slots. the circle, the triangle, the rectangle and
then the square. the nice thing about slippers is that they cost nothing, they are soft and
there are no sharp edges so they can’t hurt a child. they are smooth on one side and rough
on the other. they are white on one side and blue on the other. you can upturn these little
shapes and put them to their respective slots. you can see that the blue shapes stand out
very distinctly on the white background and if you upturn this then you will see that
white shapes stand out in the blue background. so you don’t need to paint them. you can also
push the shapes a little bit so that they stand out as a relief and a blind child can
actually feel the edges. so this is the most cost effective method of making inset montessori
puzzles specially for those who are visually challenged. this slipper costs no money and
you can cut many of these shapes, various kinds of puzzles with old slippers.

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