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You know a lot of people our age say we should really stop doing stuff like this, yes they do SMD YLL Ladies and gentlemen, I’m about to become old. I can’t wait to see how this looks Just getting fitted here for my old man wrinkly neck. Yeah, we’re painting my head right now Trickshots are forever. This is how legends are made Dedicate this shot to my wife. This is the granny shot That’s freedom sugar mama been married 65 years baby going strong What’s up guys, it’s me purple hoser. How’s it going? I look different This is the assisted hook shot Do I look as old as I feel absolutely Comment below who aged better. This is the twin shot time shooting Howdy folks, it’s a Cody Martin here. We’re gonna get through this and make some trick shots. Let’s get after Mist there we go. You folks ever seen an old man with feet that move this fast This is the full court drain People always ask us what are you guys gonna do just do trick shots till you’re 60 This is Hodgins on me I’m gonna need This half-court Walker Still got it A little trick for the older generation when you need Baal help This is how legends are me Oh, no, I’m stuck Marty get out of the road Titin that’s right bank souls in the banks always open for senior citizens you want to know the difference between me and Tyler hairline Goodbye Right, here we go between the legs It went in I Don’t want to make you self-conscious or anything but In my old age, I’m pretty active for an 84 year old things like that are gonna happen. Yeah This right here is the Super Hook This is how legends are me There we go, I’ve gotten a lot of different comments I’ve gotten an older Tom Cruise a most interesting man in the world Moses Noah Santa Claus comment below. Let me know what you think Like Not as easy as it was a couple years ago Long way down getting too old for this Boys and girls You better hold onto them Poe details OD boys and girls. You better hold on to your boys and girls you better Hold on the name pody. I can’t do it. It’s been a long time Oh boys and girls hold up. Hold on I can’t say boys and girls hold on to your ponytails cuz I’m bringing out the big guns. This is the rafter splasher It’s been a while This is how legends are made Eridan missile wished himself a bucket Hey good shot there first try you made in 40 years What’s up, guys? Thanks for watching. If you’re not already dude, perfect subscriber click down here So you don’t miss out on any new videos special thanks to the uncle drew movie for making this video possible Click here to check out Kyrie Shak and other NBA superstars as their old man alter egos in the uncle drew movie premiering June 29th and theaters everywhere. Also if you want to see the last video click right here signing off for now pound it noggin Huh, my bad


  • E

  • A

  • L

  • L

  • Tôi là người việt nam đầu tiên

  • you so cool

  • He look like a white uncle drew

  • 楽しそうだなぁー

  • Man from uncle drew

  • 2:36 Cory dabbed

  • You are a superman

  • The tallest old man is Cody👏👏👏👏

  • guess the twins

  • Anyone else just binge watching old dp videos

  • You

  • They don’t do it for the first time they do it through million hours

  • They should be on a NBA team

  • If I wanna be honest I could not tell who Age better

  • Ty looks like if Steve Carell played old man Logan

  • i to that i do thanks to you dp 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

  • This is how many people support dude perfect

  • Ty looks like the Indian PM Modi.

  • Corry Cotton

  • wow

  • i wish ty went to a nba game and hit that shot from the stairs looking like that

  • Do you guys really do these tricks or its editing

  • Yo all of Tyler’s questions I say yes because I think most of us saw him

    UNCLE DREW and I think they should wear that makeup at a real basket ball court

  • This is how leagend are made

  • hello

  • vatiz yorneym

  • Old school trick shots are better than trick shots now

  • I liked this because i am a big fan!!!!!!!!!!!👍

  • Tyler has the best looks

  • Ok boomer

  • I'm sports

  • Morgz dad

  • How did it not miss it

  • Cory was looking older than coby

  • name vietnam :))

  • The purple hoser now

  • 5:27

  • You should play for a basketball team

  • Есть русские?!))

    Помоги набрать 10подписчиков))

  • Your mom baby

  • You actually look like your old. Pls like the comment. And subscribe to DUDE PERFECT .dp😎😎😛

  • The slam dunk 👌👌

  • This is impossible

  • There is no way this stuff is not fake 😑😑

  • 4 years and 2 months?

  • You guys should do this when you acually get this old

  • cory aged better

  • Dude perfect when my kids are born

  • Abaixa o preço da bola por favor

  • How long did you keep the old looks?

  • Cosby's age is better

  • the amount of takes they must do to get the right one must be take all day for a 6 min video

  • no 100

  • They should play in the NBA

  • ok boomer

  • 2074

    “Hey YouTube this is Dupe Perfect back at it again with a shuffleboard trick shots, let’s get it started”

    *slow Jog last camera

  • My eye got stuck at 2:08

  • You look like spephen curry

  • Cody aged better

  • Oldest looking
    1. Cody
    2. Cory
    3. Tyler
    4. Coby
    5. Garret you can see that it's fake


  • I think I see a bit of steve Carell in ty

  • looks sick

  • Tyler looks like Uncle Drew

  • who else is watching this in 2019?

  • Garret if you’re already bald you can’t grow hair when your old

  • My dad

  • 5:59 why is it a UFO and not a Basketball flying

  • One of them looks like Stanlee

  • ypu look like the santa from christmas coronals

  • I couldn't tel the difference between Coby and Cory.

  • No

  • I'm 2019 years old

  • Old powet

  • Ty you look like my granfather that you have to wear diappers

  • cody looks like terry bradshaw

  • Garret looks like wille nelson

  • Firstly when i saw the cover i thought this video would have been made by their parents xDDD

  • 2:56 what it's music

  • I'm earth 1. in basketball

  • Music please

  • Coby

  • Fake

  • Yo wassup people

  • Piki4life

  • Ok boomer

  • Ok boomer

  • Cody was really cringe this vid

    Like if u agree.

  • Cory aged better

  • Pool. But. 9. Ball

  • Ty looks like an older micheal Scott

  • This is the perfect representation of them meeting 20 years later

  • ty looks like the white uncle drew haha

  • lightning anyone

  • How come Ty turned out the best?

  • Dude perfect you are awesome and my favourite youtuber

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