Oil Subsidies Flip-Flop By Boehner

yet verses a new deals page revision three
dot com slash delighted you and john bainer who uh… earlier had it has said that he’s
open to any norell subsidies uh… don’t you know dot john bainer sis because the house
he said that he is uh… for ending or oil subsidies but now he is decided not to have oil subsidy vote
the speaker wants to increase the supply of american energy to lower gas prices and create
millions of american jobs raising taxes will not do that let’s listen
to john bainer earlier this week jr flip number six and include number six this is that flip-flop number one but clip number six countryside former she optional an option completely open the these substance so i don’t think that
the big oil companies needing view of officials purposeful independent uh… well yes for this year uh… if they didn’t have this uh… there be douglas exploration americans
in the rest of it so would you be in favor of seeing some of
these socks isn’t going to take a while at times of record profits effectively something
reality doing when he suffers from what i think that angry with someone from the federal government assure our revenues uh… we need to control spending but we need
a revenues to keep the government uh… medicare their fair share well the president’s proposed doing away with
eighty different subsidies to be about four billion dollars a year you think that’s worth their own i’ve been
working with them without it take a look at it that still non-committal we ought to take
a look at it uh… jonathan karl from a_b_c_ news interview
then the speaker of the house are mean wasn’t at palace at the john bainer in his
party can have all this pity all the sympathy for the small independent
boil producers who just can’t do they’re exploring without our subsidies terminal explore and i’ll get more
subsidies that have more tax breaks causal find a little and i’ll still charges the same
for auto or more uh… and dot better has no sympathy for the small when farmers is no sympathy for the small ethanol producers it no sympathy for anyone who is looking for
alternative ways solar alternative ways of creating energy in this
country that that he started a small independent explorers
looking for oil in this country that that are going to be if we don’t give
the subsidies these poor people are gonna be out of work for here’s the thing wire we letting them walk if we know what the result is going to be
if we know that gas prices in oil prices are still gonna keep going up even if we find
small reserves of oil in this country small places were loyal exists offshore uh… but the point is we have relied on fossil
fuels for too long now and of the if the speaker of the house cared enough about changing that he would not endorse the the breaks for the
auto companies uh… but he would endorse instead uh… you know some some breaks and
some incentives for people looking for alternative sources of energy in this country it could
create jobs to create certainly cheaper energy but it also creates a totally new industry
for the united states one that we could compete maybe even with china port let’s let’s just go back to a painter said
there he said he would take a look at it now i don’t know what that means that means to
me that i’ll take a look at it will since he’s taken a look at it and he didn’t like what it’s all because today now he’s rejected on thursday democratic
calls to consider legislation eliminating billions of dollars in tax breaks those or oil companies so as the country’s
largest oil companies report near record profits as a little bit off here i guess near record
profits the uh… the tax subsidies that the speaker of the house
pulled out of control b_b_c_ news that he would take a look at uh… those subsidies will continue gas prices
on the rise who welcome the opportunity to show our constituents that congress is ready
to stop of wasteful e subsidizing some of the most profitable businesses in the world and instead use that money to reduce the deficit
that the republicans are complaining about and invest in real relief from high gas prices that is what the the uh… democrat should
be talking about that represent a problem in our from oregon that is the refrain that the white house should
be using nobody knows world bloom in our is with all due respect to mister bloom in our
his family people don’t know him that people know brocco obama they need to hear the white house putting those two pieces together putting
the oil companies and the republican party together is and that’s why your gas prices
are too high i tell you thank you i can’t wait to get you out of the trips can’t
wait and that’s still a good idea because if you
go to our new deals page all of our deal all up at the it you’ve got problem cause i get you stuff praying that this stance revision three dot
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