OFF WHITE Air Jordan 5 Retro SP Review SNKRS APP

today is the day oh my gosh I’ve been
waiting for this package not normally like I’ll just be like okay package
coming in the mail but this is the one where I was like no I woke up in the
morning and I was tracking that delivery and the package oh the package finally
came this might be the best package of the year I mean I know we’re only a
month and a half in I’m excited to open this thing up with you guys let’s get it welcome back to the channel what’s up
with you guys how you doing how you been if you did not know by now my name is DJ
and this is the DNA show you already know what the topic is I’m so ready to
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to the family if you all to the family what’s up with y’all how y’all doing
brah I’m excited to open these things up but before we start I gotta tell you
right now this package came from Nike meaning I got these from 225 dollars I
don’t even know what to say right now literally hitting on sneakers up with
this shoe right here obviously knowing the value and how hard it was to get and
everything but I’m happy about that because now I don’t have to worry about
going spend a hundred thousand dollars whatever it may be on a shoe like this
because if so I probably wouldn’t a body so let’s go ahead and open these things
up let’s break them down let’s do some comparisons let’s talk about the
materials and brass let’s get into it and here we have it Air Jordan Pi off
white ah so let’s go ahead and dive into this box first because obviously this
isn’t like your typical Air Jordan five box yes it has similarities but you can
see a lot of holes inside these box on the top you got three holes on the side
three holes on the side and then another two holes in the back and nothing in the
front looks like a basic regular box in the front there’s a little plastic
lining right here so you can’t stick your finger through it which is good
because that protects the chute and then also on the sides in the back of the box
there’s a plastic lining on there as well
so not a bunch of stuff is just gonna be able to get inside the box so on your
off-white dump box you can actually stick your fingers through the holes and
I can cause other things to fall inside the box as well so I think they were
thinking a little bit more ahead and they probably had some struggles with
that box but breath let’s open these things up I know I’m sorry I’m taking so
long but I got a cover all these details oh my gosh this kind
of reminds me of the UNC off-white one where they had the flip up top and then
they have the clear plastic and I said off-white branding on the plastic as
well I think that kind of has that vibe was the newer vibe as well so it’s a
cool little mix when it comes to the packaging oh man but before we get
started on the review I just want to reference two different shoes in this
one comparing the materials on the off-white Air Jordan one and then
obviously the overall scheme in the colorway and the color blocking when it
comes to the metallic Air Jordan 5 so that way you guys have understanding of
the two shoes that we will be using in comparison with this off y5 so let’s go
ahead and get into it starting with the outside you have a semi translucent
smoke whatever you like to call it black in yellow tint air jordan v outsole with
the classic nike branding on the outsole also matches with the metallic v that
you see here Vergil took a lot of inspiration when it
comes to the yellow outlaws from the original pairs because over time they
start to yellow and they have that vintage vibe so he wanted to use that
homage when he had these pairs from back in the day and then yellowing over the
years too now when he owns them so I feel like that’s a dope cool touch for
his story and then also giving that vintage vibe when it comes to an Air
Jordan 5 now going into the midsole we have a cool little touch here it has the
same color blocking as the metallic vibe but the silver is more of a grayish
paint and it still has that same cement print over the shark teeth as well
obviously giving it that classic metallic v vibe you have a similar
colored air unit here kind of more creamy ish off-white as whatever you
like to call it and that’s also similar to the 2016 retro as well going to the
toe of the foot you can see that is more of a grayish smokers tent with still a
black stitch line compared to the all-black toe here on the metallic v so
I sold my 2006 metallic 5 but on that pair it has a 23 stitched on the side
and these also have a 23 stitched on the side but it’s also dope because they
took the og vibe and put the nike air on the back compared to the jump man that
they had previously on that retro so another look here on the back of the
foot compared to the 16 and the 2020 version you still have the classic nike
air branding on there I think is a dope hit now this takes me into the ankle
portion of the shoe where there is actually no padding around the ankle
they put holes where they normally would have those pockets on the side of the
foot so looking at the two shoes you can see that there’s a big
prince when it comes to the ankle there’s a huge padded ankle portion on
the left in the right side of the foot when it comes to the classic metallic v
but this one they completely eliminated it all and made it a smooth section here
on both sides of the foot and then stuck a circle in here with a little bit of
mesh it’s pretty flimsy there’s no padding or anything between it
we saw Virgil the other day cut the holes out of the shoe and done that on
these different portions of the foot I personally probably would never do
that another thing that really stands out to me is the off-white 5 on the left
foot it has a hole that’s actually already cut out on the tongue and then
obviously you have a full complete more plush air jordan 5 tongue here you have
a 3m reflective tongue with a red Jumpman on the right foot of the shoe is
the German is offset to the left side of the tongue and not in the center of the
tongue yet there’s no hole over here I don’t know if he’s expecting us to cut a
hole out ourselves I’m not doing it so you can kind of see the gist of turning
a metallic 5 into a deconstructed version or flip the inside out version
whatever you like to call it but you can see the similarities between the two
shoes and that is something very cool that he took the homage from a classic
og sneaker and put his own major twist on this shoe taking it to the inside of
the foot you have your off-white for Nike Air Jordan v branding Beaverton
Oregon USA but this one has a hint where it says 1990 and that is the year that
the metallic 5 was originally made and they used this as a 30 year anniversary
homage to the metallic 5 so another cool thing to talk about is the black zip tie
this has got the 2020 vibe on it as well looking at I see I’m loving that and
obviously you have your red one here classic like the whole school ones that
they originally started with but the thing that I really want to talk about
is obviously the deconstructed elements around the ankle of the foot and then
the material that they used on this Air Jordan one UNC colorway that they used
on the toe cap because they use that same type of material all over this
whole shoe and one thing that I was really happy about them doing that on
this one compared to the Chicago one was that this material won’t fray and get
messed up as easy obviously I’ll kick it dirty but you know that it won’t shred
like the original Chicago one did from the off-white pack so to now see them
put that same that they did on the toe cap here all
over the shoe I think it’s a pretty dope look I feel like it might be pretty
sturdy it shouldn’t have no problems I wouldn’t take a knife to it or anything
like that but I’m feeling like it’s gonna hold his
ground so that brings me to my next question
drop a comment down below how do you guys feel about this shoe is it dope is
it hot is it not is it worth it so I went to my Instagram story and I asked
the people if you haven’t already go ahead and follow me on there 76% of the
people said these are fire 24% other people said they are trash now I don’t
know if they said they’re trash because they didn’t get them or if they actually
truly honestly feel that they are trashed me personally I’m giving these
shoes a solid a very solid 9 out of 10 do I think this is the best air jordan 5
ever no but could I rate it may be in the top 10 air jordan fives that I like
for colorways and different stuff like that different vibes cool exclusivity
all these different things I feel like these fall in that category I’ve liked
the craftsmanship I feel like the materials I feel like everything when it
comes to just creating these deconstructed elements and all these
parts of the shoe I’m making it a functional sneaker I feel like they did
a great job and obviously this shoe is something
dope to have in the collection with a yellow bottom already like you don’t
even have to worry about a yellowing because it’s already yellow so then I
went to Instagram which one’s better the metallic 5 or the off white metallic 5
64% other people went to the classic original metallic 5 this wouldn’t be
nothing if it wasn’t for this shoe right here ok so let’s talk about money let’s
talk about dollars let’s talk about value and all those different things the
shoe retailed at 225 dollars I got very lucky and I got them off of sneakers out
so whatever happens to me is going to be a win and that’s gonna happen to anybody
else that got this shoe off her sneakers at but unfortunately there were a lot of
people that bought this shoe immediately after it dropped in the resale market
the shoe was going for around 1,400 to 1,200 dollars in my size range obviously
it varies based on size I’m a size 13 so the shoe was a hi-hi-hi next thing you
know the shoe drops and it’s going for around 1,100 bucks and people like oh
man this is great should I buy it I sell it is a she’s gonna go up in value
what’s gonna happen I feel like the same thing happened with this shoe as it did
the UNC one the UNC one was going for like a thousand dollars and the next
thing it was going for like 600 bucks
everybody’s like damn I just lost all this money but overtime would at the UNC
one do it went back up in value and now it’s worth twelve hundred fourteen
fifteen hundred dollars whatever you want to call it for that same exact
shoot it always happens with a lot of demanded shoes the price spikes
immediately and that kind of gives you a gauge of what the shoe is worth and then
from there a lot of people that get the shoe that don’t care about the shoe that
don’t want the shoe all those different factors they end up selling the chute
and driving the price down because they just want to make a quick buck they got
the shoe for 225 and they’re like damn I’ll sell it for 800 they sell it for
$1,000 right now and then the next person does that and the next person
does it and they keep competing against each other to drive the prices down
which is a great thing for people that are buying the shoe but also bad for the
people that are selling the shoe obviously it’s a two-way street I’m just
trying to give you guys both perspectives when it comes to this shoe
I hope this was helpful I hope you guys enjoyed this I hope this helps you with
the comparison seeing more details about the shoe honestly I love love love love
love this shoe it’s gonna be in my top ten pickups of 2020 I guarantee you all
right y’all I’m signing out my name is DJ don’t forget to Like comment share
and subscribe all them fancy things breath thank you guys so much for the
support and all the love down below in the comments on Instagram everywhere
else like that I appreciate you guys so much more videos coming for your head
top like dye line die line dialing alright so my name is DJ I’ll sign it
out I’m gone damn I said my name is DJ twice alright y’all my name is DJ I’ll
sign it out I’m go peace Dan that means I said it three times huh ah let’s go


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