Oboz Men’s Traverse Low BDry Trail Shoes

A synthetic offering from Oboz with fully
waterproof materials and a durable, supportive outsole, the Oboz Men’s Traverse Low Bdry
is a great shoe for lightweight day hikes in the backcountry. Let’s take a look at
its features. Starting with the upper we have got a waterproof,
synthetic leather and highly abrasion resistant textiles with this welded, stitchless micro
suede cage. It is going to provide some really good structure there as well as still offering
that flexibility. As the name suggests, there is a Bdry membrane
under that. So there is a fully waterproof breathable booty inserted in this shoe. It
is going to keep your foot completely dry when you step in those puddles or in a light
rain. But it is also going to allow you to maintain that breathability and keep your
foot, you know, circulating air well. So nice feature in the Bdry system there. Around the heel we do have a TPU heel counter.
So over wear the shoe is going to kind of break in and get really flexible, but that
heel is going to hold up and keep its structure for long duration. So a nice structure in
the heel. It is going to provide a stable hold throughout the entire life of the shoe.
I really like that heel counter there. You do have a slightly reinforced toe cap.
So you have got some extra durability around the toes there for, you know, you may kick
up against any rocks. If you drag your feet, nice extra durability in the toe there. And we do have some metal eyelets. So those
are going to provide some extra durability as well where some of the stitched eyelets
can wear down or get snagged on rocks or roots or any sharp objects, the metal eyelets are
going to provide some really good dura-bility. So you have got some really nice things going
on with the upper in the Traverse here. Moving down to the midsole we have a dual
density EVA midsole, with a nylon shank. And there is actually a TPU chassis in there as
well. So that is essentially like a light-weight piece of armor for your foot. It is going
to provide some stiffness and some pro-tection from stone bruising or any sharp objects under
the foot. But it is not going to in-hibit the flex of the shoe. So it is still going
to let it be flexible, but also reduce the tor-sional twist, give it some rigidity and
structure, so a TPU chassis really provides some good structure in the bottom of the shoe. Inside the shoe we have got an Oboz Bfit deluxe
insole. It is a really neat piece that comes with the footwear here and it is a little
bit different from other insoles. You know, it is not just a flimsy piece of foam cushion.
It has actually got some rigid structure and support and it really holds the arch and the
heel of the shoe as it is meant to do for your foot, so really good support and structure
there. It is going to provide a really comfortable ride throughout the duration of your hike
or, you know, throughout the day. And on the bottom we have got these two EVA pads. So
that is going to add some extra cushion in those high impact zones, going to provide
a really nice feel underfoot, so a really nice sys-tem in play with the Bfit deluxe
insole. Moving down to the outsole, we have got Oboz
Granite Peak outsole. This is a really nice outsole with four millimeter directional lugs.
So it has got directional traction. It is really going to help you bite into the trail.
They are pretty beefy lugs. They are self cleaning so they shed that mud and that dirt
and they have got really nice toothy design here. So you have got really good grip, really
good traction and really good breaking power as well, while being, you know, flexible enough
and soft enough to give grip, but sturdy enough that they are not going to break down after
only a couple of hikes. So you have got a good mix of traction and durability in the
outsole of the Traverse, so really beefy, really nice outsole there. Another nice kind of feature about the outsole
is that it comes up around the sides to give you some extra traction on those off camber
or those crooked trails. So it is a really neat system in play there where the outsole
kind of extends around the sides of the shoes. So really like that in the Oboz footwear. And there you have it. Offering a good flexible
upper and a really supportive and sturdy outsole, midsole combination, the Oboz Men’s Traverse
Low Bdry is a good shoe for lightweight hiking out in the backcountry.

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  • ive had these shoes for a couple of months…and they are the best shoes ive owned so far….i like how theres no break in sore feet….i dont hike but i work at a dealership and do alot of walking in all weather….hope they hold up for a year or more….

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