Oboz Men’s Tamarack BDry Trail Shoes

Built for those unforgiving trails, the Oboz
Men’s Tamarack Bdry offers a beefy outsole and durable materials and gives you boot performance
in a low cut trail shoe. Let’s take a look at all of its features. Starting with the upper we have got a waterproof
Nubuck leather with a highly abrasion resistant textile combination. It is going to provide
good durability as well as flex and it also gives the shoe some styling there as well,
so it has got a nice upper material going on there. As the name suggests, there is a Bdry membrane
on the inside of this shoe. It is a fully waterproof, breathable membrane. It is going
to provide good weather protection in all conditions, you know, up to the gusseted tongue
there and it is going to provide some good breathability as well. We do have some metal eyelets in play on the
lacing system of the shoe. It is going to give it just that extra rigidity, that extra
durability that you may want. Where those fabric eyelets may break down, the metal eyelets
are going to provide just that extra bit of con-fidence and protection in your lacing
system. And on the heel and on the toe of the boot
we do have a reinforced rubber cap. So in the toe for that area where you might kick
up against rocks or drag your toes a bit, you get some extra protection and in the heel
you have got this molded heel. So it is going to pro-vide a really stable hold throughout
the life of the shoe. And it is going to provide that structure that you want as long as you
are wearing the Tamarack. So you have got some good features in play on the upper of
the Tamarack here. Moving down to the midsole we have got a dual
density EVA midsole with a nylon shank. And there is a TPU chassis in there as well. So
that is like a lightweight armor piece. It is going to provide really good underfoot
protection from any rocks, any stone bruising. So you are going to get really good protection
there. And it is going to give it some rigidity and reduce that torsional twist, but it is
not going to inhibit the flex of the shoe. So you are still going to get a nice comfortable
ride out of the shoes while getting enhanced protection under your foot, so a nice feature
in play with that TPU chassis. We do also have Oboz Bfit deluxe insoles in
the insides of these shoes. It is a really nice system that I have not seen in many other
pieces of footwear where you may have a flim-sy piece of foam in another brand footwear. Oboz
is using their Bfit deluxe insert. So it has got really good stability and rigidity in
the arch and in the heel section of the insole. It actually provides some good support under
your foot so it keeps it in the natural position throughout the duration of your hike. You have got some EVA pads on the bottom that
are going to give you that little bit of extra cushion in those high impact zones. So right
in the heel and right in the forefoot there you have got some nice extra cushion and impact
absorption. We also have some perforations in the upper
portion of the midsole, too. So you get some extra breathability out of that as well, so
a really nice system in play with the Bfit deluxe insole. Moving down to the outsole, we have got Oboz’
Granite Peak outsole. It is their hiking outsole. It is a really nice, really rugged directional
piece of traction, got four millimeter lugs that are going to help to grip the trail.
They are very toothy and very rugged. They are also, you know, mud shedding or self cleaning
lugs. So they are going to really main-tain their grip and durability over a long period
of time. And another neat function about this particular outsole is that it comes up a little
bit around the sides of the shoe. So it provides some side protection as well as underfoot
protection. So on those crooked trails or off camber trails, you are going to get some
really good traction on the sides as well as under the foot. So we have got a really
neat system in play with the outsole of the Tama-rack. So there you have it. Offering boot performance
in a low cut trail shoe, the Oboz Tama-rack Bdry is a good option for hikers or even some
lightweight backpackers who crave performance and comfort.

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  • I bought these for my first pair of Oboz. They are so awesome I bought 2 other pairs of Oboz. I wore these in the swamp by the Chattahoochee River on a volunteer day at a nature preserve. We were removing a nuisance brush. I had to stand in the water most of the time. These kept my feet dry. I came home and cleaned them. They turned out very nice. I wear them hiking the mountains of North Georgia too. The outsoles hold up to the rocks like ram's hooves. The insoles feel fabulous. These shoes are a great purchase. If you need hiking shoes, get yourself a pair.

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