Oboz Men’s Switchback Trail Shoes

For a long days in the outdoors where you
may be hiking back to the trailhead in the dark, the Oboz Men’s Switchback is a lightweight
and breathable option with sturdy ma-terials that is sure to appeal to hikers spending
long days on the trail. Let’s take a look at its features. Starting with the upper we have got a synthetic
overlay with a highly abrasion resistant textile. So you get some really nice structuring from
the synthetic materials in play here and ample breathability from each of those vents happening
throughout the upper portion of the shoe. This is not a waterproof shoe, so keep that
in mind when checking out the switchback here, but it does offer supreme breathability throughout
the entirety of the upper, so nice materials in play there. We do have a slightly reinforced toe cap for
those who may find that they kick rocks oc-casionally or drag their toes a little bit. You have
got some extra protection there. And we have got a TPU heel counter so as the shoe wears
in and it starts to loosen up a little bit, that heel is going to create a nice stable
hold and it is going to maintain that hold throughout the life of the shoe. So you have
got a really nice heel system in play there. Moving down the midsole, we have got dual
density EVA midsole with a nylon shank and the shoe actually also has a TPU chassis.
So that TPU acts as lightweight armor for the underside of your foot, gives really good
stone bruising protection, you know, under-foot rocks or roots or sharp objects that my push
up and bruise the bottom of your foot. That TPU chassis is going to provide that lightweight
armor for your foot and it is going to also reduce the torsional twist of the shoe, so
it is going to give you some nice structure and stability, but it is not going t inhibit
your flex. So you will maintain a really nice flex-ible movement with the shoe here, so
some nice features in play in the midsole of the shoe. Moving down to the outsole we have got Oboz’
Granite Peak outsole. It is Oboz’ hiking outsole. It is one of their nice hiking outsoles.
It has got four millimeter directional lugs for really good traction and grip. They are
really toothy lugs, too, so they have got really nice grip and they are going to eat
up the trails really, really well. A nice feature about these outsoles here is that
it has got a nice system that comes up slightly around the out-side of the shoe. So it is
going to provide really good grip on those off camber trails or those crooked trails
where, you know, you may be on a switchback or something like that, hence the name of
the shoe, so nice features in play with the outsole of the Switchback. Oboz is using their Bfit deluxe insole with
the Switchback. So it is a really neat insole system. It has got some good stability and
rigidity in the heel and the arch portion of the shoe. So it is really going to hold
your foot into that natural position that it is meant to be in for the duration of your
hike. So it has got nice features and nice structure there in the insole. Another added
benefit is that it has some EVA pads on the bottom. So they are going to provide extra
impact absorption and shock resistance as well as some cushioning in the bottom of the
foot. So in those high impact zones such as the heel and the forefoot here you have got
some extra cushioning. And it also has some perforations in the upper
portion of the midsole, so on the insole, I am sorry, so that it is going to give you
really good breathability as well. So we have got a really nice feature with the insole
portion of the Switchback. So there you have it. Breathable and supported,
the Oboz Men’s Switchback is sure to appeal to those hikers spending long days in the

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