Oboz Men’s Sawtooth Low BDry Trail Shoe

Offering reliable traction, waterproof materials
and ample cushioning, the Oboz Men’s Sawtooth Low BDry is a great alternative for those
who want support and durability but don’t want to go into a full fledged boot. Let’s
take a closer look at what makes this shoe so special. The stand out feature and the first thing
that I would like to talk about with this shoe is the insole that Oboz uses. It is a
lot different than what I have seen in other shoes. They are using their BFit deluxe insole.
This insole is super sturdy. It is not pliable and flimsy like other insoles I have seen
in shoes. It actually gives really good support and really good rigidity in the heel and in
the arch of this shoe. On the bottom of the insole they actually
have these little EVA pads and they just give more cushioning and more shock absorption
in those areas where the majority of your impact is coming. So it is a really smart
technology that they are incorporating into the foot bed of their shoes. Looking at the rest of the upper of the shoe
you have got really nice new buck leather all the way up through the upper. It has also
got a fabric there which is going to allow for really good breathability and venting.
So those materials are very durable. They are very water resistant. Under that layer
there is a BDry insert which is referenced in the name. That is a waterproof, breathable
insert. It is going to let you vent, going to let you breathe, but it is also going to
keep all that water out. And it comes up to about, you know, the ankle portion where the
gusseted tongue finishes off. Now looking at the heel, there is this really
sturdy rubber reinforcing the heel. It is their molded heel counter. It is an awesome,
awesome piece. It has got really good durability. An the more you wear this shoe and break it
in, as the leather is going to require, that heel counter is going to stay firm and it
is going to stay solid and offer really good support throughout the life of the shoe. So moving down to the midsole. We have got
a dual density EVA midsole. And it has got a nylon shank at the toes. So that dual density
must means there is two different thicknesses of EVA. One is for really good shock absorption.
The other one is a little bit more firm to provide a stable foot. The nylon shank that
is up in the toe area is going to offer really good protection against rocks and roots and
anything that may stick up off the train and potentially bruise the bottom of your foot
to prove to be, you know, painful or cause injury. It also gives the shoe some really
good torsional rigidity. So it is going to stay stiff. It is going to stay supportive
even if you are on off camber trails or you step on half of a rock or something along
those lines. So those are really nice features there. Moving down into the outsole of the shoe,
you have got a really nice, what Oboz calls their Sawtooth outsole, really big, durable
tread, you know, self cleaning lugs. It is flexible. It is grippy, really nice for off
road use. And what is neat that I also haven’t seen in many other shoes this tread actually
comes up around the sides. It actually has like a side tread. So if you are on those
off camber trails, those crooked trails, that is going to offer some really good grip and
rigidity on the sides of the boot as well as the bottom. So there you have it. It is the Oboz Men’s
Sawtooth Low BDry. It is a great alternative to a boot that offers good support, good durability
and just overall trail worthy performance.

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  • I bought a pair of these for summer hiking. Just breaking them in around the house now. Can't wait to take them to the North Georgia mountains. This is my 2nd of 3 pairs of Oboz. I was so impressed with the Tamaracks that I bought some others for varied purposes. My 3rd pair is the Bridger Mid BDRY. I will be breaking those in soon, too. Planning to take both pairs with me to Yosemite for the hike to the Half Dome.

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