Oboz Men’s Firebrand II BDry Trail Shoe

Sporting a mix of nubuck leather and highly
abrasion resistant textiles, the Oboz Firebrand II BDry is a great shoe to take out on the
trail or straight to the city. Let’s take a closer look. So starting with the upper we have got a waterproof
nubuck leather with a highly abrasion resistant textile. So together they create a nice flexible,
but supportive upper material. And, like I said, that is a totally waterproof material.
It does have Oboz’ BDry water proof breathable membrane throughout the upper of the shoe.
So that is going to be a completely waterproof liner as well as being breathable so your
foot stays dry and the temperature is regulated. It also has a nice wicking liner on the inside
to help with that breathability which is a very nice feature there. Around the front we have got a nice molded
rubber toe cap. So if you find yourself kicking rocks or bumping your toes up against things
as you hike, you will have some really good protection up front there. We do have a lightly reinforced heel in the
back there. Going down to the midsole we have got a dual
density EVA midsole with a nylon shank. Very simple structure here. We have got two different
densities of shock absorption and cushion as well as that nylon shank for some extra
stability. Now one of the standout features on these
Oboz shoes is the insole. So we will take that out and take a look at it. We have got
Oboz’ BFit deluxe insoles. So really nice, really sturdy insole unlike I have seen on
many other brands of footwear. It has got really good arch support and a really stable
heel. So it really helps to hold your foot in place throughout the day. And on the bottom of that insole you have
got nice EVA foam pads, which are right in the areas of the highest impact. So you get
that extra cushioning and that extra absorption. There is also some perforation in the forefoot
there to offer more breathability. So excellent features in the midsole or in the insole of
the Firebrand. Going down to the outsole we have got Oboz’
Sawtooth outsole. It is a nice grippy out-sole. It is great for hugging the trails. It is
going to give you really good traction and overall durability. It is a really nice feature
that comes up around the side here. So it gives you some extra grip and rugged durability
on off camber trails or on crooked trails or anything that might be, you know, switchback
like or just uneven. A nice feature as well is that it comes up
around the back of the shoe to give it some extra durability and some extra rigidity in
the heel portion of the shoe. So there you have it. It is the Oboz Firebrand
II BDry, a great option for light weight hiking or adventures around town.


  • Got two pairs at L.L. Bean during memorial day weekend. 80 dollars each . Love these shoes. Best trail shoes I have ever owned. Terrific combination between durability, comfort . Love these!

  • I have used more than one model made by Oboz, this one, Tamarack, and the old Gallatin. All are slippery on wet surfaces. I'm not kidding about this and if you read reviews at REI, for example, you'll see others mention this. I would have been happier with a Vibram outsole that isn't so slippery. I would have thought this would have crept into the cognitive process of designers at Oboz by now, but apparently now in 2018, the answer is NO. The firebrand has a seam or edge inside the achilles tendon area not evident in the Tamarack, and it is pretty annoying.

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