Oboz Men’s Bridger Mid BDry Hiking Boot

Offering reliable traction and durable waterproof
materials, the Oboz Bridger Mid BDry is sure to appeal to hikers or backpackers who need
durable, trail worthy performance. Let’s take a closer look at its features. So starting with the upper we have got a durable
waterproof nubuck leather that fully wraps around the shoe. It is a really nice material.
It is going to provide some great durability and overall, you know, longevity in the boot’s
life. You have got a molded rubber toe cap that is great for protection if you happen
to kick up against any rocks or, you know, if you happen to bump your toes a lot when
you are hiking. And on the back side we have got Oboz’ molded heel counter. So it is
a rubber reinforced heel as well. So as the leathers start to wear and break in and loosen
up, that heel is going to provide a nice stable hold throughout the life of the boot. We check out our laces. We have got a mixture
of cloth or fabric and metal eyelets here. It is going to provide some extra flexibility
with the fabric eyelets. And then we have got nice durability with the metal hardware
there. We do have a gusseted tongue so it is going
to hold its waterproofing up to about the, you know, mid ankle portion there. And there
is a BDry membrane throughout underneath this leather here. So it will be a water proof
breathable piece of footwear. And with that BDry membrane you get a nice
wicking liner on the inside, so it is going to help to pull the sweat away from your foot,
helping you to feel more comfortable and more dry along your hike. Moving down to the midsole we have got a dual
density EVA with a nylon shank. So that is going to provide really good shock absorption
and some extra stiffness as well as just overall comfortable fit. And a really nice feature
with this pair of boots is the insole. Now the insole is Oboz BFit Deluxe insole. It
is a lot different from insoles I have seen on other shoes. It is a lot more sturdy and
rigid instead of being just a flimsy piece of foam. And by that I mean there is actually
some structure in the arch and in the heel here. So you will get a much more supportive
overall fit with the shoe because of this insole that they built in with it. Another neat feature there is that they have
got these EVA pads in the high impact zones under your foot. So in the heel and in the
toes there is some extra shock absorption there for added comfort. And we have got some perforations here on
the upper to allow for more breathability, so some nice features there in the insole. Moving down to the outsole. We have got Oboz
Granite Peak outsole. It is a really toothy and rugged looking tread. It has got a nice
TPU chassis built in with that. It is going to help to protect your foot from any underfoot
stone bruising as well as giving the boots some extra stability and torsional rigidity
without inhibiting the flex. Now the out-sole itself is nice. It has got directional four
millimeter lugs. They are self cleaning lugs. And, like I said, they are very toothy. So
they are going to provide really nice grip on the trails. Another neat feature about this tread is that
it comes up around the side. It is a pretty cool system. So if you are on an off camber
trail or potentially a crooked trail or, you know, doing some switch backs, it is going
to provide good grip on the sides of the boot as well as the underside. So pretty nice features
there. You get a really neat full wrap when it comes to the tread of the boot. So there you have it. It is the Oboz Bridger
Mid BDry. It is a great, durable backpacking boot that is suitable of hikers, backpackers
or anyone who just needs trail worthy performance.


  • I see that this comes in wide widths also, big plus for many of us. It would be very helpful to see a video that does an overview of hiking boots for wide feet.

  • Looks like the arch might suit my needs as well.

  • I just bought these boots. Can't wait to break them in and take them on a long hike. This is my 3rd pair of Oboz. Great hiking footwear.

  • This is Oboz "biggest boot" that comes in wide width. Sadly the (former) Beartooth and the current Windriver does not come in a wide. What is the "biggest payload" this boot is recommended for…….30 lbs……35lbs…..40lbs…….? Thanks.

  • So I bought the shoe version of this boot happy days the Company who I work for I can鈥檛 believe how many pairs of shoes I have sold and asked for a A company like Oboz UK decided to give me a pair of these boots happy days can鈥檛 go wrong with them at all.

  • These are the by far the best pair of boots I've ever had…and I had a lot of boots (I'm old).

  • Thank you ?? awesome ?? video

  • Good review, better if you wore it and gave first hand impressions.

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