Oboz Men’s Arete Trail Shoes

A lightweight trail shoe that you will want
to wear all day, the Oboz Men’s Arete is a du-rable shoe with sturdy materials in the
upper, a comfortable fit and it is designed to han-dle the trail with ease. Let’s take
a look at all of its features. Taking a look at the upper. We have got a
full Nubuck leather upper with some suede ac-cents. So we have got really nice materials
in play here, gives it a really nice look, really good styling, but also really good
durability in the upper portion of this shoe. And those suede accents around the heel portion
or the ankle portion give it a little bit of softness so it gives it some extra comfort. We do have a wicking liner on the inside that
is going to give some extra comfort and add and enhance the breathability of this shoe. Looking at the front we do have a molded rubber
toe cap, so it is going to provide really good toe protection for those that tend to
kick rocks or potentially drag feet. It is just go-ing to add some extra protection there
and bolster that durability. And looking at the rest of the upper, again,
just really good construction, double stitching throughout. It is going to provide a really
good stable shoe life for a long period of time, some nice features in play on the upper
of the shoe. Moving down to the midsole we have a compression
molded EVA midsole with a nylon shank for some extra stiffness and protection. And we
also have PU heel plug-in the back. So that gives this shoe some extra shock absorption
and impact resistance, so some nice features in play in the midsole of the shoe. Down in the middle we actually have a really
nice insole system that Oboz uses. It is the Bfit deluxe insole. So if I take that out
you can check it out. It is a really nice stiff insole. It is going to give really good
arch support, really good heel stability. So it is going to keep your foot in the proper
shape so you are not over pronating or providing any uncom-fortable feel throughout the trail.
This insole is going to be really nice for support and sta-bility. And on the bottom of that insole you have
actually got two EVA pads. So they are, again, going to add to the performance, add to the
shock absorption and the cushioning while providing extra EVA in those high impact zones.
So some really nice features in play on the insole there. We have also got some perforations
in the forefoot to enhance the breathability even further, so nice insole there. The Bfit
deluxe system is really a nice addition to this boot. Moving down to the outsole, we are using the
Teton outsole in this Oboz piece of foot-wear. So you have got really good surface area here.
It has got a lot of smaller lugs with much greater surface area for greater trail purchase.
So this could be a great shoe for ap-proaches or any type of terrain where it is a little
bit slicker and you need that extra grip. Combining that with the tri-density EVA midsole
and that heel plug, you have got some really nice comfort, traction and durability that
is going to offer really good comfort and performance on the trail, so really nice outsole
here, really nice design and shaping with some good stiffness as well as flex. So it
is a good combination of all those features you would want in an approach style shoe. So there you have it A good combination of
durability, comfort and breathability make the Oboz Men’s Arete a great option for
all kinds of trail use or every day wear.

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