Obey the Beard by Psychostick [Official] Beard Song


  • This is…

  • Hello guys, all good? I'm a Journalism major in Brazil and I came across your video doing research on beards and moustaches, the subject of my next podcast. Your song is frogging cool! would you like to answer some questions (voice clips) to be added to my podcast? I think it would be super neat!
    Thanx a bunch 😉

  • Beards are fucking gross! You look like a dirty homeless wino with all those pubes on your face.

  • I regret I have but one upvote to give.


  • That was awesome!

  • Fuckin beard YEAHHHHHHHH

  • Fortunately, the 2nd Amendment gives us the Right to Arm Beards.

  • I love my beard. I dude.

  • how the hell does this video have dislikes!?

  • Makes me want to grow a beard

  • Shit up grandma…..GROW A BEARD 🤣

  • II was a virgin when I didn’t have a beard, I’m not a virgin now, thanks beard!

  • my beard grew three feet after this vid

  • I failed to grow a beard but got a stache

  • This song was made for me

  • I'm growing a beard for 6 months now just because of this song.

  • Beardageddon
    brought me here!

  • Well it appears 596 people clearly don't have a beard.

  • This song is lowkey a jam

  • 2019, still watch this at least once a week, always puts a smile under my beard.

  • And thats why
    Thats it

  • 596 people either can't grow a beard or buy a beard… Sux to be them!!!!

  • 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Satan gots a beard 🤘🤘

  • I was about to shave my beard until I saw this video and now all clippers and shavers run away from me.

  • Who is the girl who says "oh my god"?

  • Send this song to Gillette

  • Speaking as a bearded Brit I love this but how about doing a UK specific version. For instance replacing Chuck Norris with BRIAN BLESSED!😂

  • This video turned me into a bearded leather daddy. Now my wife & kids are alone.

    No regrets.

  • excellent!!!!!!!! and very funny

  • Was really sad without my beard. After watchin your video I got a brand new one. Even more awesome!
    And everyone knows what to do whit things that are fucking awesome. Do we?

  • I love my beard. Tickles my chest. Also good to charge my phone

  • Dafuq did I just watch?

  • This band is so awesome!!! Still good after all these years. Been loving this band since high school. Beards forever!!! 🤘🤘🤘

  • i stopt shaving n just use a trimmer now but after gillettes shenanigans we all need to GROW A BEARD! mines over 2inches now.🍻

  • If i ever have a complex i will listen to this

  • Man, this one's so me. My beard is massive and braided lol. Goes past my stomach now. Been growing it for like 8 years.

  • Wise!

  • The first Psychostick song I ever heard.

  • Chewbacca IS a beard!

  • Wow dumb as fuck growing a beard aint gonna give you skills stop lying to the sjws dumb fucks only wish

  • But the itching stage

  • If they ever do a second version of this song. I want to hear them say "Al QUEDA. EVIL BEARD".

  • What's the brand on the drums? Looks rustic, quite nice, actually.

  • SMG4 brought me here.

  • i want to catch a fish with my beard

  • Well, I can't grow any beard yet cause of genetics.. thank you? For this fucking video? Fuck you all

  • I can only grow an Andrew Luck style Neckbeard. It's sad

  • It's just so… BEARD!


  • This is my new life theme song

  • This is the beardliest song to ever beard.

  • This song made me feel so American it ain’t even funny

  • Who else is here thanks to @beardaggeon on sea of theives

  • My beard likes this song

  • How I’ll feel when I get that 214

  • Anyone here from smg4

  • Wish I could grow a beard .. the justice department don't allow beards 🙁

  • The theme song of Ty Beard

  • Male Penguins grow a beard to solo sealions


  • This was in a meme in a YouTubers channel

  • I finally found my theme song

  • I'm at work right now watching this video and trying so hard not to laugh, but when the teenage mutant Ninja beard popped up I started to uncontrollably laugh my ass off!! Fuck I like this song

  • 1:58 make that a shirt I'll buy it now

  • I think my beard grew a few inches…and that's all that grew…

  • whos here cause of beardaggedon

  • Fuck yeah, beard

  • My beard is growing by the day and soon it shall be glorious! Thanks to this show to inspire me into growing it! Grow more beard!

  • Does mutton chops also count

  • Holy shit. I've been listening to Psychostick for about a half hour now and I'm pretty sure they are the worst band I've ever heard. Wow. Terrible. Cliche af and not funny.

  • 1:19 I wanna cum in these broads. And I have a shitty beard too

  • Now I'm wondering: would I get a blowjob from a hot girl with a beard? I think I would have to

  • Is this one of those youtube ISIS propaganda videos I've been hearing so much about?

  • 😂😂😂

  • Didn’t Justin Timberlake tweet this once?

  • That's what I called a real beard song…..
    Obey the beard respect the beard😜

  • Get in the bearded Eva, Shinji!

  • All jokes aside… their music is Fucking Awesome

  • 🇵🇭🤘 i want i beard grower its awesome


  • Teenage mutant ninja BEARD!!!

  • This song made my beard grow a beard

  • i swear that pet the dog guy at 2:00 looks like Alex Jones with a beard!

  • Twitch streamer dammit2hell brought me here

  • This is better

  • Greatest song of all time

  • I mean, it’s funny I guess but it’s only good for one listen.

  • You had me at "Teenage Mutant Ninja Beard". Thank you for making such a great music beard.

  • Cousin Itt from the Addams Family is also a beard.
    also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=na37dOc_XSQ

  • My beard grew a beard after watching this.

  • This song is 2 minutes too long.

  • i wish there was more bands like this

  • I listen this song several times at week but apparently my beard hasn't increased. What I'm doing wrong?

  • "Are you stuck in the middle of nowhere and you need to make an important phone call, but the battery's dead and you can't find an outlet to plug in your charger?!"

    Me: Yes.

  • Just discovered this. Didn't think we bearded folk had such a kick ass anthem.


  • Won't lie. Was stroking my beard while watching this. It feels so good when I shampoo it.

  • obey the weird!

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