Obama: No boots on the ground in Syria


  • aww that blows.

  • Was this before or after Russia got Syria to give up its chem weaps? How would this targeted strike work then?

  • Something smells…I don't agree with President on this one…their allies r the Russians.China and Korea …I don't like this…smells like world war three…

  • Yes.

  • It was done to weaken Assad's Police State by Al Kaeda who got them from the 'prince' of Saudi Arabia to control Oil Pipelines!

  • Anyone can shout "Liar" but few can point out the lies. Were do you feel your being lied to? I don't understand how you feel this video is a lie.

  • Notice he didn't say anything about any boots being IN the ground when this whole "limited" strike is over.

  • thats good. let the domination began.

  • If this isnt a lie then well shit thank you obama?!

  • To mutch talking OBama star the strike now . Kill all Ass sad goverment . I'm sure its gonna be fun . :))))

  • So let me get this straight. You want to cower shooting missiles while the rebels attack on land for you?

  • Day 1169 September 11th, 2013 twelve years since many lost their lives on american soil due to a joint venture with DHS Janet. OBAMA IS A CROOKED ATTORNEY. Period. Remove and Indict. Drones murdering from my blood money(records of me deceased in banks & courts) for the real unindicted mastermind of 911. This man dba Barack Hussein Obama 11 IS our current 911.
    An unvetted actor deflecting from his lack of evidence of Osama from the same stage. Wake up & help me get 1 honest judge please. HoneyS

  • Obama: "No boots on the ground, psst…only sneakers!"

  • How just are miracles! For they bestow an equal gift of full deliverance from guilt upon your brother and yourself. Your healing saves him pain as well as you, and you are healed because you wished him well. This is the law the miracle obeys; that healing sees no specialness at all. It does not come from pity but from love. And love would prove all suffering is but a vain imagining, a foolish wish with no effects.

  • Your health is a result of your desire to see your brother with no blood upon his hands, nor guilt upon his heart made heavy with the proof of sin. And what you wish is given you to see.

  • I'm tired of this "No boots on the ground" having the meaning we are not at war. We can blow entire countries off the face of the earth with nuclear weapons, but because we didn't have "boots on the ground" doe that mean we are not at war?

  • Good post !

  • Obama has diminished Americas status , influence , respect around the world by 50 % in the last week .The rest of the Western world is incredulous as to what this man is doing . Our enemies are doubled over pointing a finger and laughing at the stupid impotent Americans ! Obama has just promoted Putin to the worlds # 1 super power by his incompetence . The only thing Obama is good at is promoting his "street cred". He's a failure on every level only interested in his image . See what I be sain ?

  • You're not going to put boots on the ground, but you are still going to attack? That is proving that there is a such thing as idiocracy. Just leave Syria alone before YOU get innocents hurt. You're worried about Syria using chemical weapons on their INNOCENTS, think about your INNOCENTS!!!

  • Are the us troops going into Syria wearing sneakers?

  • How can you tell when Obama lying? His lips are moving .

  • You fucking ass-whole!

  • Obama is the Lyin' King.

  • Ooopppsssss !   Barack Hussein Doofbama just broke another promise to the mindless Dims who voted for him !  Special Forces combat troops just deployed to Syria.  Liberals' heads exploding ,, sweet !

  • Liberals will continue to worship him regardless.

  • Moving his head to the right and to the left is to lower the obvious movement of his eyes as he reads his teleprompter. Put the video on full screen, you can see it.

  • IMPEACH! Take back your country, take back control.

  • what a loser……

  • this nation is sick and tired of you BARRY crack head selfie stick Obama !

  • It is October 30, 2015; the current resident of the White House has broken another promise. U.S. officials confirmed that special forces soldiers will be deployed on the ground in Syria despite the fact that "Pinocchio" Obama fervently declared that he would not deploy "boots on the ground."

    Senior administration officials have told the BBC that there will be "fewer than 50" forces deployed in the region to "train, advise and assist" vetted opposition forces. The administration official affirms that this does not mark a change in US strategy but is rather an "intensification" of the campaign in Syria.

    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that the decision was made by Obama in order to provide additional support for Syrian rebels fighting against the government there.

    "There are now moderate opposition forces that are 45 miles (72 km) outside Raqqa." Earnest said, "The president is prepared to intensify the elements that have shown promise." Furthermore, he said, "This is an intensification of a strategy he discussed a year ago."

    One might notice that Obama – the current inhabitant of the White House – previously discussed his decision to NOT "pursue an open ended action like Iraq or Afghanistan."

    He promised NOT TO SEND in "boots on the ground" in Syria or pursue an open ended air campaign.

    Consequently, the physical feature located above his upper lip of "little wooden head" becomes more pronounced – bigger and bigger!

    I've given up hope that one day "little wooden head" will become a real boy!

  • Ah yet another satanic sacrifice operation! Obama is a puppet spokesman who just reads what is displayed on the teleprompter given to him from the true masters.

  • What a load of bullshit….we just sent spec ops in…….lies

  • Lie! Boop!

  • Another fucking lie from a politician…What a fucking surprise! All of these "gods of war" should be rounded up, tortured just as much as they have tortured others, and introduced to death!

  • He's a very obedient Rothschild puppet- He even looks like a puppet when he reads the lies they give him to say from his little Rothschild tele-tubby word prompter. If you squint your eyes you can actually see his strings.

  • He should go himself. Only trouble is hed probably join the other side.

  • who else remembers this

  • He will not but American boots but he will but bare American feet there

  • lying to the american people… we need to impeach this bastard

  • Why The Fuck You Lying?

  • HA HA How things have changed

  • Meanwhile fast forward to April 25, 2016 at a state dept press meeting:
    MATT LEE, ASSOCIATED PRESS: The point is for months and
    months and months, the mantra from the president and everyone else in
    the administration has been "no boots on the ground," and now –

    JOHN KIRBY: No, that is not true.

    LEE: What?!

  • Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!!

  • Ok, everyone needs to download and save this clip before it is scrubbed!

  • Someone please send this to State Dept spokesman John Kirby! He is saying Obama never said he wouldn't put boots on the ground in Syria! Who is lying now?

  • Impeach Obama and dump Congress.

  • Liar. You did all of that. I called it 4 years ago. This shit is like fucking clock work. This foreign policy strategy is foolish. Left/Right parties are two boots kicking us in the ass! Wielded by the same special interests for decades. Hillery = More of this. Bernie = More of this. When Trump is hated by both parties and the media. Which are both publically fund by the same special interests that obama and bush have been both publically working for. You know Trump is the right option. It is common sense. My enemy of my enemy is my friend. Seriously! Critical fucking thinking people! It is so dreadfully sad Trump is our best option. Trump should NOT be our best option.

    We have a problem here. Running the world is not what a country should be doing. It is not the purpose fo any country to police the world. It is the job of the country to work for the interests of its people. If you clearly cant manage that, you! "The Government" have failed your purpose. Simple shit these clowns cant do. They cant even manage our country. They want to manage the world? They are clearly insane. Or… Working for special interests.

    I'll take the government leadership is working for special interests for $500 Alex!
    Deadly Deal!

  • How can people think he is a good leader, he just deployed 200 troops in syria. Kerry says Obama said he would never put boots on the ground, horrible leader

  • LIAR

  • 2018 trump's men attacked syrian troops

  • And sooooo, 2,000 US troops later……ANOTHER OBAMA (PBUH) lie.

  • No, you just left it for Trump to do later on. Military Industrial Complex (MIC) National Military Establishment (N.M.E.)

  • Obama continued the policies of george bush,special forces were there to help ISIS and the hired American terrorist in Syria,the USA is not fighting terrorism they are supporting it,

  • Liar.

  • And now, liberals don't want us to leave, because Trump wants us to leave.

  • Also… If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Insurance costs will drop when we force everyone to buy it.

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