NYC APARTMENT TOUR 2020(Eng sub) ❤︎ Khám phá căn hộ của Phoanh khi du học ở Mỹ (city view+aesthetic)

Welcome to my New York City apartment🤗 come in Hey guys, I’m Quynh Anh ( Charmmie). Currently, I’m an international student and working in the fashion marketing sector in the US. I’m in my 6th year studying in the US. Cannot even count how many times I’ve moved apartment, never stable at one place. This is my first time signing a 1 year lease. Therefore, I decide to invest a little more into it. In today video, I’m going to give you guys a tour of my apartment, my settle for the time I study in NY, US This is the result of my one month of planning and design. I did assemble all of the furniture on my own!!! So I’m very excited to share it with you guys Let’s startttttt The first thing you will see when step into my apartment is a small storage room. I have transformed it into my wardrobe It looks very messy, but I use it like mini storage. These are clothes, outerwear so I can grab it on the go. It looks kinda bad so we will skip it^^ Besides the storage are washer and dryer It’s one of the things that I really like Because in NY, the majority of the apartment doesn’t have washer and dryer So you have to carry dirty clothes and walk several building blocks to do it If you know me, you know that I really like cooking. One thing that I really like about my kitchen, It has a big open space So I can cook without feeling cramped. now we will look into detail different sections of my kitchen This is my home fridge As you guys can see, I and my roommates are trying to make the fridge as tidy as possible. One tip that we should have Fridge container storage like these It has a handle so very convenient to move in and out Helps make the fridge neat I put our stuff in different sections These are mine. Tho are my roommate’s. Some carrots and avocado to make smoothy n juice. Boxes to keep cooking ingredient is already in order. These are processed products. cheese.. vegetables.. Also these are food that we’ve already cooked We don’t have a dining room Instead, I have a bar stool, so we eat on the counter I don’t mind eating like this, it pretty comfortable I really like this cart This is just for decoration for the kitchen corner. These are other kitchen cabinets of mine In general, I’m just trying to find a way to make it as tidy as possible. Here is an organizer, it’s very useful. I always have an interest in finding equipment for my home. Instead of one big space, we can’t utilize fully. I divided it into many sections or buy these types of boxes to store condiments and seasoning. Above are snacks I eat a lot so best to put it there. Cheetos is one of my most favorite snack. Because it’s very crunchy and spicy ( non sponsored ad) lol One general rule of our apartment We would clean up right after we finish our food. So that my kitchen is always clean I’m so thankful. My roommates are all very tidy So we all try to keep the kitchen fresh. I have never lived with roommates having the same mindset me until now. We also have big storage in the kitchen We can put lots of stuff in it some kitchenware Here are some seasoning Also some trays Are you guys ready? Let’s come into my room Introducing to you guys, This is my room If you guys have seen my previous room tour video, you already know that bed is my most favorite part of the room I spend a lot of time on my bed If you guys haven’t watched my previous “room tour video”, I have put the link on the top right corner, so check it out My bed still stays the same way as previous apt I reuse them so pillow and blanket are the same There are two nightstands on the side of my bed. I was able to buy this nightstand set for a very cheap price. Bought in a set, which costs only 35$ for two. I thought it was a good deal. Didn’t know it would be this nice when I first bought it. I always put water bottle in my drawer reminding myself to drink water when wake up I’m super lazy at drinking water How is the view? I like this view a lot We can see the skyline from the mirror view one thing about my room if you guys notice I try to take all advantage from the view I use lots of mirrors, so it would reflect all the skyline view I think everybody should have a carpet by the bed, so you can clean up your feet before go on bed. This my dream closet. When I started decorating, things that i thought about the most are how to fully utilize all the area of the room and also showcase my characters and interests I would describe myself as very girly fashionable Therefore, i wanted to have an open closet It provides statement for my room and describes a lot about myself I always think clothes is one way to decorating the room so why not put it in good use. Now I will present to you guys each section of my closet Note that I can design the closet myself Each frame is set while all the dividers are up to you I got all of these from IKEA This section are mainly for footwear I split them into a smaller frame I placed them this way then i can both show the footwear and save some space. Above is my heels section. Underneath are sneakers. Bottommost are boots. The top of my footwear section is for decorating. Since I use the open closet for decorating Ii shouldn’t overload it with clothes As you guys can see here, my closet is divided into different color tone section. Here are all the white hanger This side is for all black hanger The wooden hanger is here I use this section to hang all type of bottom wear The way I hang my pant is putting 2 pants per hanger I don’t put winter clothes on here. I only hang this type of clothes, so it would look more attractive. I use a white color tone for this entire section. This section is mainly black and some lively tone color. As mentioned I like to use storages like these. I can just store tho random stuff there. Putting those in these both would make the room more ornamental and much more organized For example, this box is to store all of Chloe’s Chloe’s clothing, food, medicine..blahblah Avoid putting it all over the place. Here are two drawers On top self are shirt, skirt, shorts I roll all the shirt like this to save space shorts… shirts…. underneath are all knitclothes because they kinda hard to fold drawers look small but it actually can store lots of stuff in there Box for medicine Because I live by myself so I should have all the necessity when I don’t feel good Here are some skincare that i haven’t used These are footwear that I don’t use anymore This is the last part of my closet Above are books and bags Some adorn decorating i decorate with lots of flowers🌸 you guys can see lots of plants in my room because i’m fond of flowers It’s one of the thing that can express a lot about my personality In the first drawer this closet from IKEA is very cool they already have dividers like this so you can organize accessories. Glasses, hairclip , chain, earrings belt, perfume In my second drawer, I use containers like this to keep all of my skincare and beauty products. Some i’m using and some yet to use. This is my mask collection I always stock these. Another mirror. This is a full-body mirror so i can check my whole outfit Once again, I like it when the mirror reflect my bed side decor Here is another cart with same tone color as my closet I keep some lipsticks here some make up and trivial and one folder for my document It quite convenient, I can try it on and see which color matches my outfit This ottoman is put right in the center of my room It increase the aesthetic of the room super duper comfy. Sounds kinda funny, but in the morning I usually meditate here when i told my friend they said it’s just like sitting on a lotus and meditate. When I meditate, I also can see the city view Feels very peaceful and serene I also use this for changing clothes. Girls know that we all put stuff all over the place when figure it out what to wear every morning, right? This very helpful. I put all of my clothes on it. Then i can organize it really fast later. Moreover, it looks like a dining round table My friend usually gather around it and set up the food on whenever they hang This is my most favorite corner of the room. Whoever follows my insta know that I like it a lot. I post a bunch of different setup pics around this corner. Follow me if you yet to do so ❤︎ I’ve been talking a lot today TBH, this is my fourth time at this shot I’m kinda lightheaded and feeling tired now But my baby just chill there and watch😤 Look at her!! I decide to use white and gold color for my vanity setup tone. It’s very aesthetic I use these trays to keep all the stuff. I try to don’t overload things on the table. only place my current skincare product on the tray Some decorative items Next, we come to my drawers I use this organizer to keep my small makeup product in an order. It would be much tidier and convenient Here are some palettes in the other drawer. Some highlight palettes I also keep my Dyson here for styling my hair Integrate with my vanity is this chair. It has seen in the previous video I don’t want to waste money buying a new one. I used fur apron to make it fit the vibe This sofa at the end of my bed. It Chloe’s favorite corner. She loves to just lie there. Some of Chloe’s toys next to her. I use this sofa as a bench to put clothes on when in rush. just like the ottoman This is it for the tour of my room I know it’s a very long video because i have put alot of effort into it and I have a lot to share with you guys Hopefully, through this video, you guys will know little bit more about my life and feel connected Also, I want to motivate you guys with my inspiration and useful tips The room is your own world. Create a comfortable space giving you an positive energy. Share with me how your room is decorated Give me feedback in the comment section below. And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!!! LOVE YA ALLLLL🙆🏻‍♀️


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