Nimble Toes Minimalist Running Shoes Review for Forefoot Running

In this video, I’m doing a first impression
review of the minimalist running shoes, nimbleToes. Just to give you a little background about
the company nimbleToes, the company is a big proponent of the minimalist movement or natural
running movement, they’ve produced a stylistically diverse line of barefoot-inspired footwear
intended for a wide range of uses. In keeping with the minimalist movement, their
shoes, like the one I’m showing here which doesn’t have a special model name, the shoe
is namely called nimbleToes, the shoes, overall, are geared towards renewing your foots role
in helping you move better, walk better, run better in a functional manner which is also
a reliable way to help you manage your overall posture more effectively as well. Essentially, the nimbleToes are completely
free of strength-robbing structural constraints, like arch support, toe springs, wedge inserts,
thereby creating a more effective environment where there’s more widespread functional
engagement of the foot for the benefit of upholding a stronger, more tolerant foot that’s
good for fusing a more stable platform with the ground, putting you on a firmer, more
proactive footing during running and walking, which really best suits the purpose for injury
prevention and may help you produce results that matters for running performance. NimbleToes was developed in collaboration
with Lee Saxby who plays a big role in leading the charge in the natural running movement. For those unfamiliar with Lee Saxby, he’s
done some really informative instructional videos on YouTube about how to avoid heel
strike during running. I’ve linked one of my favorite videos that
taught me alot by him, its down below in the description. The nimbleToes are completely hand-assembled,
like Roll Royce, and come with a 3 year product guarantee which speaks volumes about the confidence
the company has in the longevity or durability of their shoe. So let me discuss in further detail the distinct
qualities of the nimbleToes that I like and that you may like, and why you may want to
nimbleToes to your minimalist running shoes task force. As soon as I held the shoe in my hand, my
first impression was that the feel of the nimbleToes is a cross between the New Balance
Minimus and the Merrell Vapor Gloves. So, the nimbletoes feels literally like a
New Balance Minimus/ Merrell Vapor Glove hybrid, which means that the nimbletoes are light,
but not legardily light like most vibrams and the Sockwa X8 , and that’s because the
nimbletoes are more equipped with more material density than most barefoot-inspired shoes,
but by no means are the nimbletoes bulky; they are still remarkably light to provide
the sensation that you’re not wearing anything on your feet; they do feel natural, their
lightness makes you feel zippy which is great for going fast. I think one of the major strengths of the
shoe is that entire framework is very well-built, very stable in construction, they don’t
feel flimsby, the materials feel like they offer substantial puncture-resistance and
for this reason, I’m hoping the shoes nicely match and can hold up well, structurally,
to support running long hard miles, and dont fall apart like many wafer-like thin minimalist
running shoes. Overall, the nimbleToes definitely gets a
stamp of approval for feeling like they have ample durability ,despite having a lightweight
design. In looking at the upper, the upper is a blend
of a lightweight mesh, premium stitching and high quality materials that moves with the
foot; structurally the upper feels secure, robust and protective; it all seems held together
pretty well! In terms of breathability, its fall here now,
really cool temperatures, so I can’t comment on how well they may be able to keep your
feet cool in the summer, but as far as running in the fall goes, I can run around 18 km and
farther comfortably without socks and my feet stay pretty warm, so far so good on that front. Inside, the nimbleToes actually feels seamless
and smooth because i’ve worn these without socks and to me, the upper gives a very consistent
soft feel, lots of comfort without any glitches through it. The upper securely wraps the foot without
being tight and provides plenty of wiggle room in the front. As you can see, the forefoot of the shoe is
anatomically correct in that its wide which is going to allow for natural toe expansion
or toe spreading which is essential for providing better stabilizing effects as well as naturally
providing an extra source of impact protection during running. As for the lacing, the tub-like laces faithfully
follows the topline of the foot; the lacing feature is great for keeping the tongue in
place; very simple; allows you to put on the shoe more easily while providing a customizable
and secure fit- Last but not least, let’s look at the outsole. The nimbletoes sits on a thin, easy-flexing
4-mm Vibram rubber outsole that’s wide which is gonna give you an anatomically-compatible
fit; it nicely matches the silhouette of the bottom of the foot, ensures the foot can expand
to its natural state during runs; the best designs of a shoe are those that ergonomically
compliment and resemble the human foot which is what the nimbleToes absolutely delivers
on. In terms of ground feel, you don’t get the
same sensory flow or ground-feel clarity in the nimbleToes, like you do in many Vibram
FiveFingers or the Sockwa’s, so if you are a runner who prefers not to feel every little
pebble, stone and twig under the foot, the nimbleToes is definitely up your alley because
the outsole is thick enough to shield you from feeling every single surface irregularity
of the ground, but the outsole is still thin enough to give you the advanced ability to
avoid heel striking during durning, to tune your forefoot strike mechanics to be lighter
and more organized so that you shift away from heavy, unbalanced footfalls, therefore
when it comes to form correction and upholding more productive, effective biomechanics in
a sustainable capacity, a runner is very likely to benefit from the nimbleToes because the
shoe really does have all the features that make a pure minimalist running shoe great
for helping improve your forefoot strike movement skills during running. If you prefer a little extra cushion for your
ride, the nimbleToes comes with thin and very soft removable insoles. I like to be as closely physically connected
to the ground as possible, so I prefer to run without the insoles, but it’s always
nice having that option for if you want a little more underfoot softness and protection. In looking at the tread, the outsole is equipped
with a combination of circular lugs and indented grooves that really gives you a more stable
connection with the ground, delivering a well-balanced ride, but that applies to that fact that so
far I’ve only ran in dry and wet conditions on smooth pavement, and in both conditions,
the tread has good latching power and dexterity needed for stable landing control, especially
in the rain; so in my updated review that I will be doing a few months from now, I’ll
report on how well the tread performs in the snow, on icy surfaces as well as trail terrain,
so stay tuned for that. So overall, the key details of the nimbleToes
that I love is that the shoes are zero drop, their wide and packed with lots of durability. As soon as you hold the shoe, you know its
armed with durability, you feel the solid construction, plus you gotta appreciate the
3 year warranty, which in my opinion, makes up for the price of the shoe. So far, the nimbleToes are definitely worth
a look for runners interested in minimalist running, looking for stride correction because
the framework of the shoe is designed to help you dial in on refining and upholding good
forefoot strike running form. You definitely stand to benefit every time
you wear these shoes because the shoes aren’t filled with structural elements and gizmos
that makes us lose strength in our feet, but rather the nimbleToes gives the feet freedom
of movement, a clunk-free forefoot strike landing during running, they put your feet
close to the ground which is necessary to help align the foot and lower leg just so,
helping you shift away from heel strike during running, and encouraging you to adapt a forefoot
strike that’s more effective and as targeted as possible, all of which are good for injury
prevention and economic sufficiency in running. So that concludes my first impression review
of the nimbletoes. LIke I said, I’ll be doing an updated review
of these shoes in a few months, so be sure to check that out. I linked the site to NimbleToes down below
in the description, if you’re interested. If you enjoyed this review, please give me
a thumbs up, and for more barefoot inspired running shoe reviews as well as to stay informed
on the latest research regarding the health and performance benefits of barefoot running
and forefoot running please hit the subscribe button down below thank you so much for listening
and watching have fun out there on the roads and trails bye for now!


  • Thankyou. I just checked these out, at $270 Australian dollars though, I'll stick with my Fivefingers

  • Is it as wide as vivobarefoot? Im a big fan of vivo and love them. Ill try these if theyre as wide as the vivos. Great early review btw

  • Looks great. Thanks for the review on a new shoe and the background of who made them. When they cost more than vivobarefoot though, hard for me to want to buy them when I know I can buy great shoe for cheaper, but that's for my specific use. For someone more active, these may be good too and worth it.

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  • After running minimalist/barefoot for 10 years now, I’ve decided that it’s very ironic minimalist shoes cost $ 100+ . I’m currently running in aqua socks, a few different styles, all under $25.

  • Great review Bretta! As in any sports equipment, high end products always cost more (eg. hockey skates, baseball gloves, golf clubs). Do you think the extra cost of the Nimble Toes are worth it? I for one find that more I pay, the longer a shoe lasts. My Air Nike cost almost $200 but last a very long time compared to a cheaper shoe and way more comfortable. These shoe look like a high quality product and I plan on getting myself a pair ASAP… Thanks for your review. XOXO

  • All minimalist shoes look and feel ugly. I’ve been barefoot for two years now and I can’t see buying any of these. You look way better without shoes love. 👈🏻

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