Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% Review

Hi so something different today, PowerShell or load testing and dynamics type stuff.  As you see I am in my running gear just about go out for a morning run during crimbo limbo, that time between Christmas and new year. Where you never really know what day of the week it is. I’m trying to start the New Year strong a couple of days early. I’m a fairly keen runner and I’ve done over 1000 kilometers this year, so far, which is a big achievement for me. so, as a bit of a reward? I decided to go and purchase myself a set of Nike vaporfly zoom next%. Rather controversial shoe, These are a cut down version of the Alphafly prototype that Eliud Kipchoge used for the 2 hour World Record Marathon that he did in Vienna earlier this year. As you can see that pretty unique looking I see that the striking pink Is one thing, but you can see the The base is really, really thick. and it has this large protruding bit at the back. But the main thing is if you haven’t seen much about these already is this large carbon fiber plate that runs along the sole which is supposed to give you lots of… or reduce the amount of energy that is used to push off and run. Now I’ve put these on already and they feel like  walking on trampolines. They are Pretty incredible and I’m really interested to see what they look like and feel like when I’m out running. They are rather expensive shoes that was a bit of a treat. But yeah they should be really interesting. They are super light on the top as well. You can practically see through them here, and they’ve got lovely bit of. Traction at the back here that the grip that hold your heel. I’ve had problems with my last set of Brooks Glycerin’s, which I’ve absolutely love that set of shoes, but this was a problem with my heel would slip so I’m really interested to see how this feels. So I bought these from and it’s really good in the sense that you can wear these for up to 60 days. And if you don’t like them. You can send them back, so for a shoe that’s really expensive, that’s really good to know especially when you’re not too sure what Size buy and stuff. So I’m going to take these out for maybe 5,6km just to see how I get on. I haven’t run for a few weeks because I’ve had a slight hamstring injury. so I don’t want to push it too far, but I’m really keen to see how I get on with these. So I’ll give you a bit of a review afterwards. So how was that? I just did 5K 20 minutes and 50 odd seconds pretty hilly course. I’m pretty tired now. But overall they were really, really good at first when you first start running or more bouncing on them I would probably describe it as, they were so much nicer and you feel as though you can push a bit more. I think there’s an element of a placebo effect in there is as well You know, when you’re running on a quite expensive pair of trainers and they certainly won’t be my everyday running kit, it’ll be for races and fast runs only. but yeah, they’re pretty special shoes.  It was a bit frustrating in the last half kilometer. my left hand one came undone which was a bit frustrating don’t know if you can see it down here, but yeah, the lace came undone, but that grip, I said about before running, really helped out, stopped it from becoming loose, I could feel it a little bit, but it didn’t stop me which was which is really good.  So I want to have a little bit of a look at the data to see if that time versus my last 5km time in the same circuit, How much different it was, my average heart rate, that kind of things. There’s lots of stuff to take into account you know, just like Christmas, and eating lots of celebrations and stuff. Which I’m sure had an effect but it would be interesting to see if there’s any other bits and pieces there? So yeah, did the 5K in these little beauties looked at the data a little bit and you as soon as I finished recording last video I got an alert from Endomondo saying that was my fastest 5km of the year which was interesting I think about 15 seconds improvement on my previous time. This years been more about mileage so like I said in my first part. I’ve done 1120 kilometers this year, which is great. I was looking to do a 1000. I did 800 last year, so I really upped my mileage, but that’s probably been sacrificing my speedwork really so that’s not a huge surprise. I looked at the other data like heart rate and cadence and that kind of thing and it’s difficult to draw any real conclusions from it, because it’s only one, the sample size is quite small. I think I actually I tried a bit harder The heart rate in this last run. today was higher than the rest, so it could just be me trying harder but. I think I’m just a feel perspective, these really do feel a lot better and they actually, certainly on the downhill stretches. I found that you were able to keep that bounce And keep that cadence high, especially after a long uphill and then go onto a downhill sometimes it’s easy to kind of, just sit in, whereas actually if you lean forward and really spring up, you can keep that pace quite high and these really help with that so. Like I said in the last part after the run. I don’t think they will be my everyday running shoe, but certainly for races and that kind of thing I’m really excited to give them a A good run out there really to be fair. So yeah, be interesting to see if anyone else has got these and how they felt with them. So obviously there is controversy around whether people would think that there cheating really because the technology in these are so much greater than other shoes on the market. I think what I’d say to that, is that there’s always been technology in sport, you only have to look at things like the neoprene suits in swimming and just anything really anything like the old cinder block tracks in 100 metre race is back in the day where people didn’t have actual blocks to start from and that kind of stuff is always technology improvements in sports. Some go over the line and some aren’t, so I think it would be wasteful to rule this stuff out and I think it won’t be long until most of the manufacturers have this kind of Technology in their shoe. Certainly I think these are a quality pair of kit and well worth the money.

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