NIKE ZOOM FLY Review: some of the best TRIATHLON SHOES to go fast

– Mornin’ Trainiacs! (door slams) (bird calls)
(gravel crunches) Wait. So you might be able to notice that I am gradually wearing less and less for my outdoor runs, and I am gradually running more and more. That means that these babies,
the On Running Clouds, are probably maxing out at their mileage after about seven months. So, very excited thing happened yesterday. A friend came by and dropped
off these, the Nike Zoom Fly. Now these aren’t like the $800 on eBay, four percent marathon shoes, but these are their
little brother, or sister, and I’ve been givin’ ’em a
try for the last few days and I am gonna go try them
with my first outdoor run that I’m gonna do. Let’s do that. (exciting music) Oh, I got snappy towards the end. So that ended up being a 7K run, a four point two mile run,
ending at a total of a 4:33 per kilometer pace. I did the last two kilometers
in around a four minute pace. That equates to an average
of a seven minute mile. Bring it down to a
seven-forty. I want to say. Wow! That was hard. (grunts) Let’s talk about these. They’re fast. The Nike Zoom Fly, not to be confused with the Nike Vapor Fly Four. This is basically the every man version of the Nike Vapor Fly
Four that was developed for the breaking two project to get a marathoner under two hours. Now, those shoes just
got re-released last week and sold out in a grand
total of about three minutes. You can find them on Ebay right now for as much as 800 dollars. These, however, are very easy to find. They’re all over the place. They, I would say, are probably the much more practical purchase, unless you are a complete shoe buff, who’s going for the Vapor Fly Four just because of it’s exclusivity, in which case, you’re
probably not even going to run on it, which is really weird. This because of it’s
price-point is probably the shoe that I’d recommend. Now, I’ve only run in
it for a grand total of little over forty minutes. And I’m quite late to the party because this was released last year. A friend of mine gave it to me to try because I started getting
intrigued by about the science that went into this and the Vapor Fly when it got re-released last week. Now, here are the specs on it. Number one, one of the
biggest aspects of this shoe that they say makes it fast is the carbon sole on the inside. So, right in the middle of the sole, there’s a carbon plate that goes through and it’s idea is that it springs you up off the ground and I’ll
say that this is a very, not a poppy shoe, but it at least gets you rolling forward
in a very definite way. And it’s not just that
carbon plate that’s doing it. The structure of the sole also does it. It’s a ten millimeter heel
drop from heel to toe, but it doesn’t feel like a
ten millimeter heel drop. It doesn’t feel like the heel
is really getting in the way because I think that
measurement is coming from just the difference between
the heel and the toe, but what ends up happening, how
the structure actually works when you stand on this just normally it’s like you’re standing on
a flat platform here. The middle sole, here,
is really just rolly, you’re not gonna be standing on that. So, when you land, you’re going to land somewhere around here. And as your momentum is
carrying you forward, you are encouraged, you really have no choice
but to roll forward. Then, on the front of the shoe, you’ve got another stable platform and because of that carbon
insole, it’s basically going to give you a very
strong toe off that boom. You’re gonna end up going forward. And I felt that like, instantly. This is not a subtle thing. We actually have a friend in our group that is a real techie, he did the math and he said that at the same rate of perceived exertion, these
are four seconds faster per mile than all of his other shoes. And this guy’s been to
Kona multiple times, this guy’s so anal about just looking at every last little thing, that he’s been known to,
the night before a race, going chain link by chain link, putting one dab of lube in each. So the man knows his stats. A couple of the differences between this and the more expensive Vapor Fly, are that you can distinguish this instantly by these fly wires right here. The Vapor Fly doesn’t have that. The weight is also a fair bit different. These come in not
necessarily really light, they come in at around nine
to nine point three ounces, depending on your sizing. And apparently the foam that’s used here is a little bit different. But they still got the
tongue on the inside where you can put the date of your race. They’ve got the etching on
the back of the right shoe, where you can put the time that you hit. Essentially the styling is just the same. And, these come in at around $150, some of them are on sale for now for $110, as opposed to four, five,
six, eight hundred dollars. I think I’m actually gonna pick up a pair of these for myself. However, I’m not gonna use
them as my every day trainer. Now, granted, they have
the rubber on the front and the rubber on the heel, but just foam on the inside. I understand that people
who have tested these over, say 100 miles, they say that the durability
holds up really well because those main contact
points are hard rubber. But, the reason I’m not
gonna be using it, for like, my all-the-time shoe, is
because it’s really, really well designed for speed. Getting up to nice high
speed with tempo work, with intervals, with
track work, with like, a fast finish like I
did today, felt great. However, the platform is kinda unstable. And it’s also really stiff. It’s not comfy and cushy,
and I think that’s why it’s got a bit of a bad rap, is because people are taking this shoe and trying to apply it to all
different types of running, when it’s really just designed to go fast. So for those long, slow runs, I’ll probably go to something that’s a little more comfortable, has a little bit more flex than this. And it’s just designed as
like a better recovery runner. Related to that, you probably also aren’t gonna use these for cross training, going to the gym, because it is not really a stable platform to walk around on. And for us triathletes,
couple other things that you should know is, it
was just butter yesterday to run in with bare feet. However, I would absolutely
be switching these out for a different set of laces. While you can give them a double knot, you got enough length to do that, you can switch these
out for elastic laces, which I’d probably recommend. There are these like,
rectangular, ‘lil spaghetti laces, and they came undone on
that run that I just did right now. Overall, I’m a big fan. Probably gonna be adding a
set of these to my arsenal, especially if you can
get ’em on sale right now for that $110 price point. I think that these are going
to be a very nice running shoe if you wanna go fast. And we all wanna go fast. And one final thing that
I forgot to mention, I did a poll of a bunch
of Instagram people that said that they use this. They said that they have
to go a half size up. So here you go, trainiacs, thank you for watching, stay tuned over the next month or so. I’ll be doing my annual
running shoe lineups. So if you aren’t yet subscribed, hit that subscribe button below if you don’t wanna miss that. Later.


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  • I agree! Personally went from minimalistic to Newton Distance swearing to the close to ground contact. Was also intrigued by the Sub-Two hour project while having heel issues – hence, tried the every-man version of the Zoom Vaporfly – and loved them. Ran NYC Marathon in them. Now switching between Asics Super J33-2 and Newton Distance 5/6 for the short and fast and the Nike Zoom Vaporfly for my long runs and competitions. Cushioning is key for the long runs in triathlon competition. Contemplating to try the 4% if I can get my hands on a pair for $250 – absolutely not paying more on Ebay….

  • Looks like your shoe laces are coming untied because you are tying them using the weak form of the knot. Google Terry Moore: How to tie your shoes… Terry Moores Ted talk changed my life. lol Thanks for the video!!

  • Eliud Kipchoge did finished full marathon length in 2:00:25 with the Vapour 4%. The recent 2018 Commonwealth Games Final mens Marathon Michael Shelley won this race and hes shoes is now on display at the Nike shop in Robina Town Centre in the Gold Cost, Australia. A lot of runners use Zoom Fly for training and keep the 4% for the actual race.

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  • I got them yesterday and today was my first 10k run. I just switched from my usual Asics Hyperspeed 6. With Nike Zoom Fly I felt like running in boots. They are heavy. 260 g compared to 158 g of hyperspeed. For 10 km it was ok but I just wonder what will be the effect lifting this extra 100 g from the ground 42 thousands times during a marathon.
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  • love this shoe. it's FAST. put a lot of miles on them but they are feeling like they are bottoming out now. as the foam softens too the instability gets worse

  • I recommend the epic react for triathlon. With or without socks these shoes are great. No real need to tie the laces tight, this way you just slip them on in T2 and go. Very good.

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