NIKE TRAIN ULTRAFAST FLYKNIT REVIEW | Does This Nike Flyknit Trainer Perform As Good As It Looks?

these kicks are on fire whats up guys its Max Barry owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp and this is a Nike training shoe review for the nike train ultrafast flyknit mens let’s go – the first thing we’re going to do in this video is take a closer look at the aesthetics of this fly-knit trainer then we’re going to show you a quick montage of me actually putting these Nike training shoes to the test in a workout next we’ll break down the fit and performance of the sneaker and finally we’re going to rate this shoe so that you can decide whether or not they’re worth buying so let’s get into this Nike flyknit training shoe review right now alright you guys first thing as promised we’re going to take a closer look at these beauties now thumbs-up to nikes for sure it’s a beautiful shoe I mean the details are sick the Flyknit details are incredible this actually the first pair of fly knits i’ve owned and these have flyknit running through them but also flywire the details on this colorway are very sick at the time you’re watching this video not sure if you get ahold of these anymore doesn’t match there’s actually a see-through mesh which makes them ultra fast and light and they’re see-through I can see through pretty much and they make them really light but are they stable when were working out I don’t know we’re gonna have to check out the performance little bit later in this video and then as far as the sole very different they’re not a free trainer which I’m used to so i’m not sure how those are going to hold us but they look cool down there to actually have like little grippers which are traction pods so we’ll have to see how those feel it’s a flat-bottomed shoe of a beautiful color way the colorways really sick on these blue shoes will show you a few across the screen now and beautiful shoe let’s go ahead and put these things to the test right now alright i just put these shoes to the test and now it’s time for the break down sizing on the shoes run small you want to at least go a half size up i am a true size 12 that’s what these are and as far as sizing goes they do not fit me they were too small i would definitely recommend going up at least a half size full size maybe too much but for sure a half size as for fit these shoes actually run slightly narrow for training shoes I felt that they were very stuff around the entire foot bed even though like most training shoes they’re wider at the forefoot overall just really a more of a narrow foot so if you have a narrow foot and your you always think training shoes really too wide they may actually fit you better as far as the with so but it’s a narrow shoe if you have a wide foot bed forget about it not going to like it next point is comfort on these shoes well they didn’t fit right they didn’t sighs right so you can imagine that they were pretty uncomfortable to train in I didn’t notice that first until I really start getting into the workout and they just besides not fitting exactly right i just felt that the comfort was hard couple of reasons for that I believe the Flyknit is I mean beautiful first flyknit trainer I’ve actually ever owned so I mean really incredible aesthetics on the shoe as no great with you all the different colors variations of these kicks can’t go wrong there but comfort was a miss comfort with the big miss even if i had the right size I can assure you I wasn’t feeling it and so it just felt like such a disconnect between the upper and then the sole of the shoe it was like hard part of that has to do with the fact that these are not the free train soul these are the Flex speed souls and so they’re flatter I don’t mind a flat like the flatness of it but they were just really hard not looking for a lot of for like kind of more that barefoot style but overall comfort was because they were so it was flat which was good but the transition between the upper and the soul just felt like you could feel where they you know sewed it together definitely an uncomfortable shoes even if its was the right size so that was a Miss as well now as far as durability can’t tell you long run but they are well made so as far as nike goes you know they’re not known for durability as we know if you really wanted super durable shoot go look at another brand new balance or something like that but they did they are really high quality you so durability i would say it’s about 4 out of 5 stars overall long-term not sure but they’re well made I would say they hold up good and as far as this mesh goes they are super light so as far as additional points the mesh it really lightened up the shoe like that means can see right through it i can see you I really i like the mesh part of it maybe they can integrate that on some more of their nike training shoes because it lined up the the overall shoe for sure so and then as far as the Flywire it was a little like part i just felt like I’ve never worn a Flywire shoe and never owned one so training this I just felt like it was like a really hard surface on the foot so that led to some of that uncomfortable feeling during the training there’s these traction pot so it’s a flat heel we know that like i said i don’t normally mind that but there was just it was uncomfortable the flat-bottomed was nice and like doing some lifting anyways like I was doing those kettlebell deadlifts they felt really solid and low to the ground so like that and then as far as traction pods they’re like little raised three dimensional pods that might be added to the bottoms of these i didn’t think i would like them but as far as those go actually like that to those are a couple of good points the other thing i really like about the shoe was the way they look did they hold up i’m going to give you the final rating in a second now these originally were $150 on all the different colorways and now Nikes trying to just move these things out at clearance and so the reason is because I think there really a miss on the market one more point i wanted to note that some people have been talking about is the back of these shoes have a little support stem right back here and it actually it’s actually support like upper heel area and it stops right here right where like the swish stops and so there’s kind of this site little heel area that really rubbing in the back foot and I noticed that and so definitely don’t wear low-cut or no show socks with these wear something at least the height of the shoe like mid or accrued and higher like a quarter would work and where you wear those high socks somebody like those high socks find them uncomfortable but anyway based on today’s performance this shoe get a 2 out of 5 star so I cannot recommend these shoes you guys I’m going to say stay away from the nike train ultrafast flyknit mens I love you and I really wanted to like this Nike fly-knit trainer but it was a total miss I might wear them casually but they’re so uncomfortable probably not so they were a miss we hope you found this nike training shoe review helpful if you did go ahead and give it a thumbs up be sure to subscribe to our Max’s Best Bootcamp YouTube fitness channel share this video with a friend if you have any questions about this shoe or ideas for future videos go ahead and post all that down in the comments section below thank you for watching this video have an awesome day!


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