Nike Tiempo Natural IV vs. Nike Tiempo Natural IV Leather

Hey soccer fans, this is Matt from
Just want to let you know we got in the brand new Nike Tiempo Natural
four in leather and it’s a great improvement on a
classic soccer shoe from Nike. As you can see here, I’ve got two Nike
Tiempo Naturals. The white one is going to be the old model, the Tiempo Natural, and the new one is going to be that
black one with a white swoosh and the red. That’s going to be the Tiempo Natural leather. Now, as you may have guessed, the main difference
between these shoes is the new one is leather and the old one is a synthetic. Now, the old Tiempo Natural in white there
had some serious issues with it. It’s a very comfortable shoe, it’s nice to wear, and honestly the sole on it was really
one of the best, most durable soles they’ve ever made particularly for indoor. But the ball feel and the ball touch on the
upper and the flexibility just isn’t there. It’s a $45.00 shoe and really it feels
like it. It’s got that extra stitching around the
toe to make it more durable, but it’s more a fashion piece than it would be a
performance shoe. Now, the new Nike Tiempo Natural leather is everything the Tiempo Natural isn’t. It’s got a full grain calf leather
upper, which is awesome. Gives you great ball feel and great ball touch. It’s also
got a nice backing on it so still remains just as comfortable as the old
version and you’ve also got that same classic gum rubber sole that’s not going to do
any marking, and it’s really going to give you some great traction especially
if you’re playing indoor on a court. They’ve also retained the stitching around
the toe to give it durability, and it’s got an extra layer of suede there, which
really makes it great for ball feel, ball touch and is honestly just a very comfortable
shoe. Now we’ve also got this shoe in firm ground with a great cleat pattern. It looks nice on the
field and it’s going to offer you the same fit with the same quality of leather. But other than that, it’s well worth
checking out. They run $50.00 and they’re on order now at
Make sure you use coupon code: DNYE32S to take an extra five to ten dollars
off your order, and please check them out! Thanks so much.


  • The black ones are wat better!!

  • Tenho de arranjar umas destas

  • I really like them, and I really want a pair, but it wouldn't let me add them to my cart?

  • I really like them, but it wouldn't let me add them to my cart on soccer pro, and soccer pro not allowing me to add them to my cart means that I can't order them?

  • the black tiempos lookin like yeezys!!!

  • people watch this ?

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