Nike PG2 PlayStation Colorway | Unboxing Video

Good to see you again. PAUL GEORGE: Same, same. TONY HARDMAN: Dude, Super
excited today to finally show you the
final version of the shoe. We’ve got everything, the box, this first PlayStation
launch right here for you. PAUL GEORGE: These are sweet.
These are sweet. TONY HARDMAN: They are. They got the sacred
symbols on there. PAUL GEORGE: It’s sleek. That’s what I like about it.
It’s sleek. Power button on the inside. TONY HARDMAN: If
you click it again, it’s actually got the
pulse from the console. So it fades in and out. You know, all the
little details, all the colors, all
authentic to PlayStation. On that one you
got the bar code, and that’s actually something
where the consumer can go and get downloadable content
for their PlayStation. I know from hanging out with
you and being at your house, your family’s around a lot, so I know how
important they are to you. So I wanted to bring some of
that into the shoe and really talk about where you came from. We’ve got “T” for Teiosha. She was a big
inspiration for you coming up. We got “PORT” for
Portala on the other shoe. And then on the back, obviously,
we got “MOM” and “POPS” because your
parents are always behind you. So I think that’s a
cool nod to them, and they’ll
appreciate that I think. PAUL GEORGE: Yeah. They’ll love that.
They’ll love that. My sisters, they led the way
for me through my whole life. Mom and dad always got my
back, so a good way
to tie that together. This is a shoe right here. This is real a
sneaker right here. Sneakerheads are
going to love this. You killed it. TONY HARDMAN: I
appreciate you, man. PAUL GEORGE: Yet another one.


  • I can't find any link to these anywhere on the UK site or app. They say it's a global launch, but are these actually coming to the UK?

  • Hi I am a biggest fan of sonyentertainment and I am requesting you to send me a PlayStation 4 as a sample I would be ready received this please
    Thank you

  • Why won't you make vr shoes for ps vr it would be a great expirence for the pleyers thats my idea

  • 229th comment!!! Now I can live knowing I accomplished greatness ?

  • I NEED them with me, bout to refresh that app every second tomorrow

  • i dont find him i from grmany pls help

  • Thanks to whoever decided to put this one up for a raffle instead of letting people just straight up buy 'em. Also, thanks for showing the pg2 themed dual shock that's only freaking available with the friends and family pack that's not available to the public. Brilliant.

  • X box will announce knew pads lol

  • I need to buy

  • No Germany facepalm

  • Spoke to nike and they said they came out on the 8th and are sold out

  • You have to win a drawing just to buy the shoes, it's so stupid.

  • How many of y’all were to late to buy the shoes

  • Why was this so limited ffs

  • Que engañó hacia los niños sólo hizo de adultos que de sección espero que tiren para niños que son los que más juegan ps4 ??‍♀️??

  • Took an L on nike snkrs

  • Unfortunately, only 11 pairs were released today, 02/10/2018, for this Nike PG2 PlayStation Colorway. Didn't get selected, so it's a sad, sad, sad, sad…. day for a Paul George fan here. 🙁

  • Unbox a pair right on to my feet!

  • Can someone pls help l accidentally lugged out of my acc and l forgot the password and the birth date l putted in pls someone

  • WTF I started the draw at 10 and I still didn't win

  • Wake up looking to by look at time to realise 9:59 I was pissed so much I need to know if they coming out agin to buy and what price

  • Who ever doesn't need a 11.5 pair hit me up ???

  • I tried to cop it…. I tried with 3 accounts! Sucks

  • Sold out…..

  • they resell for $900+

  • Well, all the mining price scalping scammers grabbed them all, good work Nike.

  • Great that Worldwide only USA means!

  • Es wurde gesagt man kann den Schuh am 10.02.2018 kaufen. Aber ich finde ihn nirgends?

  • You know I bet sneakerheads would love it if they didn't have to buy them off ebay since Nike put them on a draw.

  • ???

  • Quéro um ps 4

  • So much cringe at DLC comments

  • I went to my local mall today and tried to get these, Foot Locker, Hibbetts and Jimmy Jazz, none of em had these. Wtf?? can anyone help me out??

  • I went to my local mall today and tried to get these, Foot Locker, Hibbetts and Jimmy Jazz, none of em had these. Wtf?? can anyone help me out??

  • Man I’m mad asf,I had forgot they come out today and end up losing on getting them,now ppl pricing them at 1000 on eBay,scalpers man

  • Made in Indonesia for a 30 USD

  • It's atrocious.
    I wouldn't even wear those to play in dirt.
    Come on people…I know beauty is subjective and all but…

  • I'm a youtuber and I get comments that are saying I should play fortnight

  • Is there any release for the Asian market specifically india

  • Will Nike PG-2 released in Germany?

  • Lmao I took the L

  • Πόσο ξεφτίλες είσαι για να βγείτε σε παπούτσια το Ps4 ?????????

  • Dope shoe nice price but why limited tho? Ur just letting reseller rape prices on this.

  • Im so pissed they sold out so fast and now are like 1000 dollars FIX THIS NIKE AND PLAYSTATION.I REALLY WANTED THOSE SHOES

  • Уже 11 февраля,где их купить???

  • Anyone want to trade I will give any shoe no mater the price like even 10k I live in Canada and only 12 pairs here they all sold out before store opened made a us iCloud because snkrs only available on us store signed up for raffle and lost called foot lockers none had them only in us other then the 12 pairs called my us friend to go pick one up at a footlocker that said they had them my friends said they were sold out

  • I tried to get these didn’t win 🙁

  • Everyone would buy these but no resellers will sell them for 2 thousand dollars

  • Can’t Wait To Get My Pair And Lic ? The Soles They Arrive The 15th!!!

  • I wish i can buy it,but it is sold out!

  • How do you get the backpack tho

  • einfach nur extrem hässlich ?

  • Israel still waiting for them.

  • They lied they said these would realase worldwide on the 10th of February but now Nike has said only for the U.S disappointed

  • Pa4 is kakakakakak


  • They wrong for putting these out at such a low price and not letting any one be able to get them pretty much

  • So disappointed I couldn't get them…

  • I love it! Thanks Nike. ? #PG13 #PG2

  • Where do the batteries go for the shoes to light up? ?

  • They are HARD to get☹

  • Dope shoe

  • they dope

  • "Global" LMAO

    P.S. not hating on the video

  • estarán disponibles en méxico?

  • i wish PlayStation with adidas XD

  • Stipe Miocic is a designer now

  • NEED

  • They have to make more

  • eBay asking price $950

  • Were do i buy thes3

  • Bundle with the ps switch

  • Can I get a pair for retail

  • Sick!

  • To bad everyone took an L, including me

  • Is it waterproof?

  • Na I'm good, don't look nice, an if when the battery goes out your done no recharge

  • How much in Hong Kong dollars


  • Sell the colorway fak the ps2

  • Lol barcode

  • How much this

  • I want this so bad

  • He's thinking to himself wow I don't have a ring I'm a subpar Nba player and I get my own shoe deal holyshit someone pinch me?

  • Xbox users are death

  • Fire

  • "SNEAKER HEADS GANNA LIKE THIS"????????????????

  • Where do I cop these

  • Nice

  • Will these be compatible with my PSVr?

  • i buy that shoe

  • Not to brag but i just got the real thing for my birthday…

  • ? we are waiting for ps5 and playstation busy for make shoes ?????????


  • Your best move

  • If i buy this i dont know ihw ai putemm on sorry whor my bad english

  • Now do a giveaway

  • How many pairs are there in the world ?

  • Lebron James should do partnership with the XBOX Lol

  • I Have 1 Of That

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