Nike Mercurial Victory IC and TF Soccer Shoes – Seaweed with Volt

Hey soccer fans, this is Matt from Today we’re bringing you the Nike Mercurial Victory in indoor
and turf in the brand new Seaweed color and they are something sweet from Nike. Now, the first one we’re going to take you
around here is the indoor version. As you can see, it’s got a flat bottom
non-marking rubber sole that’s designed for futsal or really any other play
on the court. And it’s a nice shoe, it’s going to offer you some
extra comfort and it’s still going to preserve that lightweight fit and feel of
the Mercurial line. The come in right under seven ounces as
size 8 1/2 and honestly, with an extra thick insole and extra padding around the
heel cup you’re not going to have to worry about
comfort or blistering on these shoes. The fit is also excellent. The upper, while
not of the same quality of the Vapor, is still excellent, will offer you great
touch on the ball and should form to fit your foot pretty well. Other than that, they’re an excellent pair of shoes and we also
have them in the turf version. A lot of people have been having some problems
wearing their Vapors on turf and they’re not really recommended for that.
The heat and the abrasion, the Vapor in firm ground is just not really designed for.
So if you’ve got a pair of firm ground Vapors you want to keep nice, we definitely recommend
picking up a pair of these shoes too. They run $50.00 and you can pick
them up right over at today. They are in stock and ready to ship. Just make sure you give us a call at
877.762.7776 to be able to order these right now. Other than that, check us out at
Thanks so much for watching.


  • if i order them tommorow when will they come?

  • Depends on where you live, but in general they will ship the same day you order and arrive anywhere within the USA in 3-5 business days

  • ahhha i got the indoor version of these 2 weeks ago one of the first people to have em

  • They only cost 50??!!!! Insane!

  • Ha I just got the turf

  • Wanted to get one so badly but shipping outside of US is too troublesome ):

  • I have the indoor version

  • mam je bardzo dobre i lekkie

  • Is this international selling?

  • ey dude, I've got the Indoor versions, how are they and do you have any tips to keep it clean?

  • The indoor version of these shoes are a good pair. A wet cloth is best for cleaning them

  • y en mexico cuanto tarda?????????

  • Anyone got blisters the first time they wore these? ):

  • mis tenis en la tele de pocamadre !!! 🙂

  • I got blisters on the back of my foot it hurts tha first u get the blisters but then u will u get use to it

  • If I live in the united Arab emirates when will I get a pair after ordering

  • ???

  • Cool shoes

  • My friend Michael has those boots

  • Yo las tengo

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