• What do you guys think about the new colors for the World Cup? Let us know! 💬☀️⚽️

  • They should do every type of boot in every sole color

  • looking good to the world cup!

  • Sticking with my copa's kittens!

  • Jaymike looks like an old man playing football!!! 😂😂

  • Rashford is a fast ass boi still wears the hypervenom

  • Love them, but any tips on keeping them clean??


  • Do you recommend using the fg on ag court?

  • its basically revamped from the euro 2012 pack lmao

  • You chose the best shirt for the video COME ON ENGLAND

  • Magista obra 2 is the best one!

  • Magista obra 2 is the best one!

  • When are Adidas' world cup going to launch ?

  • its very good pack

  • Can you get mercurial superfly 6 indoor or tf world cup pack plz 😀😀😀

  • i love it

  • How much are they?

  • im from Africa I like football a lot but the problem is I do not have good soccer boot I always borrow is there no competition or something so that a can win football boots

  • The Magistas!!!👌🏻

  • they look like candies yummy

  • Ouch! Hope Jay Mike recovers from that Dirty challenge from his right foot onto his left knee. (Did anyone else saw that at 3:27? 😂 lol)

  • super cool

  • I always love hypervenom

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Hypervenom team

  • I’d treat these better than my girlfr…. oh wait nevermind 😭

  • PWG is just clickbait

  • Jay Mike with the tekkers!

  • Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I thought PWG was in this video
    And so did you

  • Jay what nation are you supporting for the world cup?

  • Wait so when will I be able to buy them I went on the website and I can't buy them yet …. Help!!

  • Absolutely love them! Love white boots. What boots do you recommend for a Goalkeeper? I used to wear CTR Maestris which I am guessing is similar to the Magistas?

  • music is too loud compared to the voice audio

  • nice

  • Hi Jay Mike could you do a review on the kids size boots that are actually the same as the adult versions in Adidas and Nike for example the Nike Pro and Elite plus the Adidas 17+, 18+, 18.1 and 17.1. My brother and I play competitive football and we want the best boots in our sizes. Size 1 and size 5.5. Thanks Jay love the videos.

  • I like the fact that nike came out with a white out cleats but saying that I feel like this design is TO simple. We are talking about the WORLD CUP they should of added more design and style. Nike should of made this cleat its own seprate pack and not world cup.

  • What song was that in the background at the outro? It was pretty dope 🙂

  • Song?

  • The Hypervenom is super good!!

  • Tiempos

  • Tiempo

  • Tiempooo

  • I’m getting these so do they get dirty on turf?

  • My favorite is mercurial always ✌

  • Unisport give me the mercuiral please give it to me i never wore branded shoes give it to me please

  • i love football <3

  • Just bought the vapors on unisport … can’t wait until I get them 😍😍

  • I have a question about the heel counter. I was looking forward to get the vapor with a Serbian flag on the heel. But I can’t seem to find the option for that. Could you help me?

  • Which boots is favourite?

  • Awesome pack from Nike but wouldnt buy these cause i cant keep it white all the time 😀

  • Why always football player like Bale, Salah, Ronaldo wear SG pro on the field but Messi wear Fg? Also Why they wear Sg pro form the first place each time they play even if it summer and is not raining???

  • Mercurial vapor

  • Which is better @unisport the new nike just do it pack or the cr7"s chapter 6 I don't know what to buy pls can u tell me

  • Tiempo

  • Are there any metal studs?

  • Thats how a world cup pack should look like they look fresh and really clean my faveoirite is the vapors they look amazing.

  • Hypervenoms and vapor are my favorite best color way for tiempo but gets dirty so fast thanks for another awsome vid

  • Will the tiempo legend 7 AG come to the store

  • Is there a difference between the magista elite df vs magista elite besides the df collar? Are the materials exactly the same?

  • Vid is well put together

  • May I ask?Is it Nike mercurial vapor best for wide feet??

  • I love this new pack! Can't wait till the world cup ⚽🏅😎🇳🇬

  • The hypervenom

  • Is the triangle flag customization only for pros?

  • Jay Mike I need ur help, shd i get cr7 chapter 6 or the world cup pack superfly 6? (I cant do without high cut, im a nike player, and im not a striker so no hypervenom and thus the superfly) so which colourway, in ur opinion is better?

  • Mercurial superfly is my favourite

  • Mercurials are for wingers and midfielders on the line

    Magista for controlling midfielders

    Hypervenom for strikers

    Tiempo for defenders

  • whats the second song of this video starting at 3:01? its pretty dope

  • Do they get too dirty? And are they easy to clean?

  • Mine would be brown after a week

  • This is where it geets guuuuuudd

  • Wich one will be better foe wide feet? Thanks.

  • Great review , i was on a tour at Camp Nou yesteray and was not gonna buy shoes, BUT when i saw the Vapor 360 i bought them!!

  • White boots and living in England is a no go . One game in the wet and there lagged . Their never the same after . Black boots for me .

  • Hypervenom is 🔥

  • I'm planning on getting the vapors? Should I go true to size?

  • These too

  • Can you plz review puma men fluorescent 18.4 tt football shoe …. Plz

  • the vapors or the tiempos?

    factor in weight, comfort especially

  • hypervenom

  • Can't see much colour in he World cup, has Nike/Puma etc… run out of colour? all white boots? all white kits? haha I can't tell one team from another cheers.

  • How do you keep these clean?

  • Who else hates white boots because of how they turn green

  • You see the match of the cup world

  • Mercurial for life⏩⏩

  • Sad that it’s White it looks OP AND REALLY GOOD but I hate that white gets dirty easily

  • I reviewed the raised on concrete vapor 12 elites
    Check it out if interested 😉

  • can you make a video on how to maintain and clean these white boots? especially since they're white, they're gonna need a lot of maintenance

  • I got the Magista opus at the Nike outlet for $60

  • They are fg sg or ag boots

  • Is magista good for shooting?

  • Hello sir

  • Hello sir

  • I am hafeez

  • How the shoes sale

  • I know a feyenoord proffesional player that gave me some peruviaan Nike Obra's now i got his wife and daughter on my boots😂😁

  • Hey Unisport what's the song from 3:15 ?

  • Give me the mecurial sock boots

  • I just love this pack and I’m watching videos about it because why not 😂. But I’m so sad I can’t buy these anymore, they aren’t in stock anywhere that I know. I never got to purchase a pair.

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