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(music playing) Just ran 2 miles. Sweaty. Now, I did 10. You can’t tell me $#[email protected] I just want to thank my coaches for training me. My name’s Catherine and I love running. Oh $#[email protected], there’s Coach Bennett. Cat! Hey, what’s up? What are you doing here? We’re just talking about how I love running so much. You want to join? Alright, I can get in on that. Let’s do it. Fantastic. So, how have you been? I’ve been good. I just finished my first marathon. Nice! I know. Congratulations. Oh look, they have food out here that we can’t eat. Yeah, kudos to the props department on this. Alright, I get asked all the time how do you fall in love with running? Okay? You know, when we’re younger, you see kids running around all the time. You don’t ever hear them say ”I hate running.” No, they love it. They love it! But I realized when they started doing P.E. class and it was like, timed runs or like, you’re 5’7”, you need to run 6 minute miles. and for me, I learned to hate it. Yeah. And so, in order for me to love running, I had to start fresh and unlearn everything I knew in school. You know, there’s little factors that can really change your experience about running and I didn’t learn that until maybe last year. In the beginning, when I was running I was thinking about all the things I had to do throughout the day. So I was like, I’ve got to stop running and I need to go back to work. So, it’s always like going on to the Nike app and you know, listening to the guided runs and listening to pointers from coaches. Any coaches in particular? Umm… I mean, at the time it was Coach Blue but you know, we can say you for now. The thing with runners is that they don’t want to get, they’re bored. So, don’t do the same thing every single day. No. People join running clubs or change up the scenery or do something fun like, maybe do a colored run you know, when they throw color paint on you. Mixing it up. Keeping it fresh. Keeping it fun. Alright, I want to talk about the marathon. How did you get to the starting line of a marathon? I mean, for me it was a good goal because I couldn’t give up. Once you pay for it, you’ve got to do it. For me, a marathon was great because it allowed me to commit to running. Yeah. But I mean, for anybody it could be you know, just going around the block. It could be going to a park. It’s whatever works for that person. I love the fact that you took what was originally an experience that was only something to not celebrate and you made it your own and you made it your relationship. If you just commit on going out for a run, I mean, eventually you’re just going to fall in love. Just sayin’. Alright, I think we could probably talk about this all day long but I’d rather be doing something else right now. Is it running? It’s running. You want to go? Let’s do it. Let’s go. Let’s go. Whoo! My name’s Catherine (laughing) It’s in my face.


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