Nike Cortez Kenny IV ‘House Shoes’ Cinematic On-foot Review

how YouTube it’s SJ and I’m back and
today we’re looking at the cinematic onfoot of the Kenny iv house shoes the
Cortez let’s go take a look at these bad boys right now don’t give up
taking my time but I always seem to let you down YouTube I’m back what do you think of
that cinematic on foot of the Kenny or how shoes Cortese I know I’ve probably
got that wrong but I’m tired you know I’ve been flying super tired but there
you go so that was the on foot of these that we filmed last weekend
super nice shoe I wasn’t sure about these and I said this in my unboxing
video I wasn’t sure that they were really for me because I love the cortes
I just thought these are a bit out there but once they’re on foot I think you
really need to see these on and I hope the cinematic on foot really showed this
off but once they’re on first they are all kinds of epic they are super super
nice one thing I called out in the unboxing video
what’s the sizing on these now these are UK 6 which is us 7 and they are tiny I
would say they are half size smaller than a normal Cortese which is super
super annoying because I really could have double sticks in half no no Nike
what are you doing to me but squeeze our feet into them
Dipti on first i think they gonna need a bit of stretching and in all honesty i
can’t hold a current talk so jet lag but let’s turn these bad boys round I did
say any unboxing video as well that the quality on these wasn’t all that great
there are some marks on the back the lever inside though it’s super super
soft I really do think it’s wrong those shoes you need to see on for gala on
your foot and see if it’s for you I mean I think they’re super cool yeah I think
it’s not like she’s that you really need to try on see what it looks like on 4c
yeah super nice she needs to be seen on foot and no it wasn’t to everybody’s
taste but once you get it on it does look really epic sold out you know so
Kenny sold out I think there are still some
sitting in Endor there were about a week ago the East London edit seen them but
you know I’m not gonna get another pair so I’m just going to stick with these
and wear them out and mr. B is dancing behind the camera I do not know what is
going on and I’m gonna wrap this up go watch the on foot bit again because
it’s much better than me going well I’m tired and jet lag I’m out of here guys
see ya see ya on the next upload


  • Great on foot. These things run super tight tho lol

  • I love this cortez.Wearing cortez since 1998

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