Nike Classic Cortez Women’s ‘Oregon’ Sneaker Unboxing with SJ – THE FIRST CORTEZ IN THE COLLECTION

hey YouTube it’s SJ here from Pint of
Stuff and today we are unboxing my very first pair of a Nike Cortez so let’s get
to this hey YouTube it’s SJ and today we are
unboxing my very first pair of Nike Cortez and I am hoping that they are
going to fit, let’s get the Global let’s get to it. Right sorry that took ages
but I need to do that carefully, incase these need to go back, now as always come
and done this upside down have a nice but, oh white blue and red box, I
haven’t seen one of these before and said this is my very first pair of
Cortez and I did a lot of research online people seem to think that these
come up small so I really hope that these are going to fit anyway let’s um instead got to do this
carefully I’m also, it’s quite late here so
probably look tired Oh Mr. B’s been out and I desperately
wanted to open these tonight so we have to do this late but look at these can
you see this people are you picking this up mr. B on the old sneaker cam this is
very cool now if you watched our Sunday stream
streaming Sunday as pair of they’re what they’re worth start again, can’t get my words out,
told you it’s late. On Sunday stream I talked about some Nike Cortez I liked in
the Oregon colorway for women and i bagged a pair. now I’m not very good here I’m just
really slowly because I don’t want to ruin anything in case these need to go
back come on get them out mr. B I’m just gonna for this paper is pretty special
I honestly can’t get the box oh here we go here we go here we go finally so yeah
look at that so it has like the whole history of the Cortez on the paper
and move out the way so you can see this is really a nice touch from Nike now let’s get to it so these are what I
purchased so these are were released earlier on in the summer as it was the
summer of Cortez they actually had a men’s version of this that was the
opposite color way so they were yellow with the green tick obviously these
women’s so these are the green with the golden actually yellow it was golden its
proper name yes it says classic green and yellow okra that how you say it I
don’t know I’m never any gonna say anything yes there they are so these are
the women’s version as I said they are the Oregon colorway these are only
available online in limited sizes now I think I’m actually gonna have to up size
just six-and-a-half in there these are actually a UK six which is a US 8.5 so
I’m gonna give them a quick go these have the lace bag I know you will like
your lace bags so these have white laces in to be honest nicely why didn’t you
put the golden color in that have looked at heck with the contrast in lace is
white just doesn’t really work in these for me but anyway so these are in nylon
here and the the suede the toebox here is in suede and the panel around the back
is in suede then you’ve got the it’s a nice soft leather
that’s nike with nike and silver then inside you’ve got really nice
contrasting grey and white if you can pick that up and sneak a can great
sneaker gram right white I told you you can’t talk entire interior I mean these
are really nice but they look a bit small I’m gonna try them on now quickly
these are sort of a test purchase for another pair of Cortese that I want back
in the summer when we were flying off somewhere mr. B showed me the Cortez
ALC collaboration which I loved and I didn’t buy them because they’re all in
the US must be a bit of a risk of course now I desperately want them and they’re
sold out if we were in my you know in a six and a half but I found them mystics
so if these spit I’m like I’m gonna look really uncool here cuz I thought we did
looks good so Kitsch we may have a winner winner Selena doesn’t eat chicken
dinner what do we think deny that good mr. Bailey on hold sneak a thumbs up
from you know like like to improvise on paint stuff there’s quite big literally
I believe I spent pretty much all day sunday reading reviews everybody said
these come on small but just the stand up a little bit tight Doc’s wagging his
tail so I think he likes them um yeah I’m quite excited that they fit every
Larry though they are pretty epic but they are quite flaring yeah good to see
me walking on the street nice why didn’t you put contrasting laces in my qy4
let’s talk a bit more about shoe so what do I think they’re very bouncy I
couldn’t do any exercise in these that’s for sure because they feel too bouncy
around the heel and doesn’t feel as much support for any sort of exercise these
are definitely very much in life she and on the inside what I didn’t see
when I first openly look at that 1972 sneakers they’re actually older than
this to be gotta be a bit cheeky on this channel but yeah they are
I like this not my usual style sneaker at all I have to say but it was just
think about these when he showed in to me and I think just been a sneak inch
that I needed to scratch and I think I’m gonna have to get those ALC yeah it
means important from the US which means an expensive delivery charge a risk and
a potential tax bill for import as well so it could be expensive but so I’m
quite pleased these fit I’m gonna wait I’m around the half of it just to sort
of double check I definitely do fit me properly and my feet are gonna rub too
much bit yeah don’t believe everything you read they’re not that small that I
would say they’re pretty true to size so as I said UK six we talk to wrap up pegs I thought you do know okay he’s Hank green now I need to go
shopping for us to new clothes go there is that enough in in my spa naina we
will be doing some on feet of these as well I think these need to be shown on
feet just so that you can get a real real feel for the shoe I think they’re
actually a bit of a weird one I don’t as I said it’s not a natural shoe for me
design-wise you have to see them on the foot as in for me personally and my
taste is I know it’s classic and no it’s a
classic but it wouldn’t be something that I would naturally be drawn to I’m
very predictable when it comes to my choice of shoe
there we go pine stuff that’s a bit of a late night ramble in unboxing there but
if you like this sort of thing give us the old thumbs up thanks to all our new
subscribers I think we’ve hit 160 so thank you to everybody and thank you for
the comments as well and we will see you very soon in another video if not we
will see you on Sunday for stream in Sunday at 8 p.m. British summer time
when it’s not really some time anymore noon on cific and 3 p.m. over in New
York with truly global here here Sunday bye

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