Nike Blazer | A History of Nike’s First Basketball Shoe


  • Had no idea the Blazer was a basketball shoe ?

  • did the blazer come before the puma clyde?

  • Do vans old skool plz !!!!!

  • Talk about Air Max One

  • I would like to see the Nike Air Max 90, it's my absolute favourite sneaker.
    And please don't be offended but I wish you would show the pictures in your videos just 2 – 3 seconds longer, it's imposdible to get all the litte details of the sneakers in this short time.

  • yay

  • Wow ?, thanks for the knowledge Nacho, a video on the air span II would be dope .

  • Do Adidas Campus please

  • George Gervin is my boy. I didn’t know he was the first to promote the blazer. I’m gonna get these to represent him. One of the more underrated players of all time

  • Please do an airmax 90 vid next! Love ur vids????

  • Nike 180! Or converse weapon

  • I'd like to see a Nike Waffle trainer history vid.

  • These shoes are prominently featured in the movie North Dallas Fourty ( 1977 )

  • I am so mad at youtube for not sending out a notification, made sure to hit than damn bell a get "all"…. real talk good stuff as always, this channel is way underrated. Keep up the good work.

  • Dope shit

  • another dope video!!

  • Hey! This might be an obscure request, but I would love to see some coverage on Supra the brand. Although they're not a big brand they are interesting. Cheers!

  • just got my mid 77s in today

  • Oop

  • please do Rod Laver

  • Asics GL 3 please ??

  • Reebok kamikaze

  • thumb up

  • Just got my Blazer Vintage '77 Mid w/ a green swoosh… Dope sneaker. ??

  • Puma Suede history should be good…

  • History on the Puma Suede classic silhouette

  • Keep up the good work and stay on your grind! I always like the music you have in the background, isn’t obnoxious or anything.

  • Do an air jordan 1 history

  • Let's get a nb vid but I want a thorough vid erry model and a few labs

  • Do more shoes about air max

  • It would be cool to see a video on the air max 90

  • I’m hella late, but thanks for the awesome video guys

  • made some adidas ZX history ?

  • Air jordans

  • Video recommendation:

  • Asics

  • Do Gazelles???

  • I’ve been waiting for this for so much time

  • Can we have an Adidas samba?

  • Blazer, Air Force 1's and Chuck Taylor have to be the worst shoe you could ever ball in! lol Dang my grandpa had some of them when i was young, i got some years later when i could afford them but i did not know it was for basketball lol

  • Do KSwiss or Pro Keds that's some shoes that been around forever!

  • Air max 95
    Air max 90
    Air max 98
    Nb 990
    Air jordan 3
    Air jordan 1
    Please make vids about these!

  • just an idea, The History of Adidas Gazelles

  • How about a New Balance 574 vid ?

  • You need to make a video on the air ships

  • It would be nice if you & your bro made a video of the Nike SBs
    Great vid as always?


  • Do the Jack Purcell next

  • I'm thinking Kswiss would be badass.

  • What a well researched content guys, great educational video for sneakerheads. Hoping for the history of Airmax 1 to be feature next. Keep it up guys, much love here in the Philippines …

  • Could you guys do puma?

  • How sneaker culture can be in hardcore?

  • Penny foams Nike history heritage is rarely spoken of nowadays.

  • i love ur videos homie

  • you found somebody dorkier then you. cool.

  • Vans slip on

  • A video on the Uptempo would be awesome

  • an air jordna 8 history?

  • what an interesting channel

  • Next the Adidas top 10 or the nike foamposite!

  • Spiridon

  • Crocs

  • you guys should do a video on the adidas spezial

  • Y'all should be like official sneaker appraisers. Good stuff

  • Dunks

  • Another dope vid

  • I thought blazers where more of a skater shoe

  • Timberland would be cool

  • Please do the diamond Turf Deon Sanders signature shoe please!!!!!!!

  • Foamposites ???

  • maybe adidas gazelle history
    my proposition.

  • Blazers are one of the best skateboarding shoes ever you got that right !!!!

  • Most underrated Nike shoes ever

  • Bro your a legend for making this channel and topics you talk about keep it up!

  • Great vid as usual 🙂

  • Can you guys do the history of the Nike sb dunk ?

  • Air jordan

  • Do a video about faomposite please

  • Have you done the convers weapon

  • Do one about the Air Max 1!

  • Nike sb dunk

  • ☯️⚔️♥️???

  • Nike sf Air Force 1

  • History of the Reebok kamakazi

  • Top notch

  • Puma suade

  • History of the air tech challenge line ?. I love the air tech challenge II in that hot lava colorway ?

  • this made me want to get some blazers

  • asics please!

  • or functional waterproof sneakers would be great!

  • Puma suede or any of the Jordans

  • You guys do a lot of success stories when it comes to sneakers, what about why some shoes flopped? Like the hiatus Jordan brand had after 14?

  • Next: Nike SB stefan janoski

  • What about history of the adidas nmd?

  • Huraches

  • Air max 90! The 30 year anniversary is coming up next year

  • The stussy blazer came out in 2018 tho

  • I literally never skate any other shoe, the blazers are my all time favorite

  • Do one on the Kobe 1, maybe mention the protros

  • dunk, blazer and jordans: the holy high-top-trinity.

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