The iconic relationship between the two labels,
BAPE and Adidas Originals in footwear and apparel has
worked greatly for both. The legendary Tokyo imprint, founded in 1993,
has long been a partner for adidas’ classic sportswear, bringing its unique elements of
hype with each and every release. We dig the Dame 4 BAPE edition, we liked the
NMD R1 model and we are anxiously waiting to see up close the ultra Boost model which
will be released sometime in January or February 2019. but… What if BAPE decided today to partner with
Nike? Which shoes would you die to see in BAPE designs
and colorways? I am Stef from 99sneakers and these are the
5 most wanted Nike shoes for me to be BAPE transformed! One of my beloved basketball sneakers,
the 4th edition of Kyrie’s signature line, is a shoe that has already seen a bunch of
colorways, all the way from basic to totally crazy. If any shoe nowadays was expected to be transformed
into anything this year, that was Kyrie 4… So isn’t it a good idea to see it
in BAPE form? Not much love at the internet for KD’s
latest signature shoe, probably because of the blunt couple of colorways that were initially
released…or maybe because performance wise it wasn’t a shoe that was on the hot list
of any well known reviewer! But these are shoes that you would definitely
rock casually and we believe that they deserve a twist! Just check this beauty we created for your
eyes only! Light as a feather, a bit
overpriced, great performer but on the other hand not the most durable shoe, or maybe far
from that, this shoe from Kobe’s signature line is probably the most premium shoe
in market right now with the name of Black Mamba on it! So if a collaboration should happen, we would
certainly want to see it on the Kobe AD NXT 360s Paul George just has 2 signature
shoes, (or …2,5 if you count PG 2.5) but ALL of them are pretty dope! The playstation collaboration is great but
a BAPE collaboration would be even better. Just check out this design. I mean it has to be my favourite colorway
that I’ve ever seen in a PG shoe. And no, that’s not my design, our designer
team decided to go for it! Maybe we should send them over at Nike, don’t
you think? For number one we decided to go
with the King’s shoes! And we present you not one but two BAPE designs. This shoe is a beast when it comes to performance
but it’s also a no brainer when it comes to customisation as Nike has already proved
to us with the first colorways it has released. I absolutely LOVE BOTH DESIGNS, what do you
think? I say shut up and take my money to anyone
who makes it but how do YOU feel on the prospect of buying a lebron BAPE pair? We chose basketball shoes since we believe
that their silhouettes are qualified for streetwear use as well. If you think any other casual sneaker from
Nike would make your list, write it on the comments below and maybe we will design one so that you can have a sneak peak of your wish! This might HAVE BEEN A wishful thinking but,
if, i say if, Any customiser decides to go for it, give us some cred if you choose a
design of the above and send us a pair at 10,5 please, it will be much appreciated! Since we are a new channel on YouTube, we
would really love your support. Follow us on Instagram, like the video and
most of all subscribe to our channel! A lot of good things will happen to you, after
that! CU

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