Nike Air Zoom WInflo 5 Run Shield SKU: 9097779

Hello everyone, my name is Richard and I’m from Today we’re looking at the Air Zoom WInflo 5, it’s from Nike These guys have a differential of ten millimeters with a really sturdy upper that’s definitely give you a long-lasting use It also will help repel water, keep your feet as dry as possible once you slide them in and lace up Got that really cool lace-up system here in the front just give this guy a tug like so and it will lock your foot into place giving you an incredibly customizable fit and then you just pull it out like that to release which is great It’s got a good amount of cushioning in that footbed it’s very flexible to keep your feet moving with a durable rubber outsole down here with that waffle tread on it So you can tackle all different types of terrain out on your next run So go ahead and get running with these awesome shoes here from Nike


  • I wonder if these are wearable in summer..

  • Can you remove the sticker looking thing in the back?

  • Is it true to size?

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