Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 SKU:8832768

Hey. What is happening guys? My name is Joe And this is the Air Zoom Pegasus 34 from Nike Now these shoes were built for the neutral runner They’re available in a bunch of different colors to choose from A lot of cool features going on Has this Flymesh seamless upper Look at that, no seams all the way around I like the color gradient. It’s got going on here The breathable mesh is going to help keep your foot cool Of course there’s plenty of cushioning up around the collar area and in that breathable tongue You’ve got the Flywire lacing So you can really snug it up around your midfoot So has this removable insole Look at all that extra cushioning you’re going to get there Now you’re going to get a 10 mm heel to toe differential, plenty of cushioning back there in the heel And you get this little crash area here on the side. They call it a crash rail It’s going to just add an extra layer of stability Also a nice hookup in the back. Really lock your foot into place Then down here on the outsole, you’ve got a durable rubber You’ve got the kind of honeycomb pattern going on there It’s strategic place right where you need It helps keep the weight down but still going to give you plenty of miles If you like the 33, you’re gonna love that 34 If you’ve never tried any of the previous versions, this is a great place to start. It’s from Nike

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